Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why So Serious ?

Why So Serious ?  ...........Coz I am not a clown in the zoo of life, middle class life.

    There was an article in the recent Sunday times, 'Life' supplement that why is that sometimes guilt component involved in having fun. We offer for extra working hours to our bosses before requesting for  leave. Finally the article concluded that work life balance is important & we should give time to fun, apart from work. Thus the overview was to have a healthier work life balance in life.
   Very true, going further the thing behind us being so serious always is probably in the way we are brought up by our parents. In Indian society where middle class forms the major chunk of working population, work is considered very important as they say work is worship. Myself & most of my friends come from middle class life style & everyone seems to be having a conservative mindset where the terms like leisure, vacation, holiday time quality time with family are underrated. The term smart work is pretty new to us all. What our parents taught us as success mantra was hard work & over hard work. Basically some families emerge out of poverty into middle class & they are too afraid to look back. Hence the emphasis is on working harder, hard work being directly proportional to the financial status. The whole idea of work is centered around financial security. Parents do hard work & really worry a lot about saving not only for themselves but also their kids. Unlike in some cultures where kids get separated from their parents & find their own passion profession etc in their life, Well in Indian family the mindset is not to help children find their own passion, profession but to make them get into good stable secure job  so as to ensure a stable future, which may often be family business etc. Doctors kids become doctors mostly coz there is no one else to take care of the establishment, the nursing home or hospital, the hard work, they already have done. Most of our parents spend all their life in hard work & never take time to relax or spend leisure time. My parents dream was to have a good houses in which they can spend their old age, something of their own.  With limited income their philosophy was to save as much as possible.  Well with this all mentality in family a child naturally learns to have a conservative mindset. Why simply take risk when you can be reasonably happy with little or no risk. well we can pretend to be hay as well, although we may be not. I hate this concept -Why take the risk & become achiever in long run after lot of hard work when you can lay safely  become instantly ordinary person & as well pretend to be happy. Well we can always think that you can earn more money instead of spending leisure time on holidays or something. In software profession meeting project deadlines are more important than taking a break for personal reasons. 

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Vikram Pyati said...

Nice blog.... Missed reading this earlier.

You are right in saying that in our culture work is mostly related with financial security than following a passion. In fact the concept of following your passion for a living is very much alien to our parent's generation.


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