Saturday, April 24, 2010

Missing childhood !

I wanna feel young again  
I wanna play in the rain
to wash away all the pain
to relive the innocence once again

for the youth that doesn't make sense anymore
for the lost dreams in life's obligations
for the compromises made with oneself for making life seem alright
for living life right from other’s perspective.
for all the sacrifices done which feel worthless now,
for all the such things & many more, was the pleasure gained worth the pain ?   
i just wanna be myself, to relive the innocence of childhood,
to hug to my mom every time I am scared.
I wanna feel young again,

I wanna fly the paper aeroplanes from roof of my house,
I wanna maneuver the paper boat in the rain water lanes
I wanna run in the garden, catching butterflies
I wanna fly my kite high in the sky 
for the life in 20's something, nothing seems to be in my control,
only a desperate feelings to take control of things all around me
which seems to fall apart..
I wanna feel kid once again…

I wanna carelessly ride my bicycle
knowing dad 's always there to lift me up when I fall
I wanna jump around doing nothing all the day
As I know, just can’t do it anymore,

I just wanna return to the childhood innocence once again,
to feel the bliss of being a care-free naughty kid !

I wanna return to that life where all the small things created excitement. Eating from tiffin boxes of friends, getting new compass box, taking something interesting to class everyday like pencil, stickers, toy, magnet, a new key chain etc. I am struck with blackberry & apple organizing my daily activities on them, I just wanna return to time when I could just simply eat them. There was a time I could play F1 sitting on the floor whole day with all my toy cars. I just wanna pretend crying for no reason at all & mom consoling me for hours taking me in her lap. I just wanna live life once again, Amen !

Oh Childhood can you come just once again please !  


Unknown said...

awesome Sunil...i knew that you are ALL ROUNDER but now i can say you are a Gem.....which is going to shine forever....u are one of my Good friend....i am so fortunate for this....its very toching Poem...which i feel every person might be missing those golden days....but changing phase is a its part of life

Vikram Pyati said...

Good one.. Childhood is definitely one of the best phases of life. But hey, is childhood a period of time or a state of mind?
I guess childhood is that state of mind where there is no fear of failure, where we accept our mistakes without any ego clashes, where we learn new things just for the sheer joy it presents us (and not for the sake of adding it in our CV!).
I think we can still enjoy childhood; we just have to make sure we don't allow the child within us to grow!

astrosunilnomy said...

@ Nilesh: Thanks, but appreciating too much, i don't deserve this..there are many bloggers who write much better than me...ya childhood is probably best part of life...changing phases bring tension, ego etc...childhood is simple, care free seeking pleasures from simple things etc....kind of coolest phase..

@Vikram : thanks for the insight, i think it's a period of time when state of mind is at ease ..its just saying that we should not allow child within to die but is it really possible ? when i become a dad for example..i am supposed to control my kids from doing stupid things which look appropriate for their age..i cna play with them as a kid but still cant be so care free sort of u know !

Unknown said...

Wow Gobi,
Awesome re, as far as I know, you are the only one, doing other than the office work.. like Astronomy, poems... Keep it up...!!

Sushil said...

Very good one Sunil.

Sushil said...

Like reading it through. A story in poetry. :-)

Anonymous said...

hi..i was jst surfing through quotes and found ur's. U r fantastic..anyone who see this will definetly remember about their own childhood..its a gud one...Life became messy with all need and deeds..wish i cud go back to my childhood..:(..thnkx.


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