Monday, November 8, 2010

My first day at school

           I was crying incessantly, wetting almost half of my blue shirt, pulling out half from my grey half pant, making it look funny. It was first day for school, I didn't knew what the school was but really disliked the notion of being away form home, mom & especially my toys. Mom promised me Laddu in the evening told dad to bring the same from market that evening. This was a good deal & finally agreed to go to school.
Later that evening, I was crying again night for not getting laddu still while mom tried to finish feeding me dinner. She told a story, dad was coming from office, he met an ant on the way, it asked him where he was going. Dad said to Mishra Pedha shop in market. ant said me too going there to get some sweets. Both went together & dad gave it two laddus. It wrapped it in bag & put on its head & went home & the doorbell rang. i opened the door & asked dad you met the ant ? What did ant tell you ? How are its children, Dad added his own part to the story as it was my everyday story & he knew how to continue the same, while I enjoyed my laddu. As far as first day is concerned I was already ahead of race, knew A to Z & numbers 1 to 12, reverse .So I think, I did not learn much that year anyway. Totally not anticipated, the school thing became interesting after first day as a pretty girl Deepa was made to sit besides me in my desk ! So never got bored !

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Beyond Horizon said...

sweet...innocent...story part was really awesum!


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