Saturday, November 6, 2010


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                Well, this is an unconventional style, no paragraphs or stanzas, important is not to concentrate on the rules of writing but to enjoy the feelings behind the words.

may be its a poem in nascent stage, sometimes a raw image appeals more than a meddled photoshop one, hence this unrefined post. It's just a collection of raw abstract bizarre thoughts ran across my mind when looked through my window !

A tribute to all the small insignificant things in life that bring joy ! 

The elegant dance of flame in the gentle breeze 
swinging in the rhythm of life
a burning desire in the prison of lantern resembling life
the chirping of birds returning their nests
a dried leaf floating in the random wind
without knowing its destiny and purpose
the light fragrance of the white jasmine 
So pure, so serene and happening so effortlessly  
a withering petal, half brown and half pink
a log floating in the stream, going with the water
Seems like my destiny freely floating in the waves of life
the flickering of street light outside my window
the thunder and then the silence before the storm
the reminiscence of childhood
a feeling of childhood joy rescued from oblivion
never ending wait for the sheer bliss of living
waiting for the return of joy shot from the catapult of life
a careless walk in beige dried grass
an unwilling attempt to embrace the destiny
to live the life the way it comes      
has life lost its sheen ?
a green blade of grass shining in the sun
a small bean trying putting its head out 
to get the first glimpse of the sunny world
a millipede with its numerous legs, crossing the street
an extinct sparrow returned with its chirp to wake me up
reminding me of the beautiful world out there
apart from being just plugged into the wall
taking a break from the normal windows desktop of landscape
and resting my eyes on the actual one from outside my window
bringing a great sense of belonging with the nature deep within
quintessence of living is long forgotten luxury  
an effortless attempt to understand the intangible universe
the line of ants passing by, with tiny bits of food in their mouth
storing for the harsh winter  
a snail making up slowly, unaware of its speed
escaping into its shell, sensing any danger, pretending to be safe inside  
a sea shell lying on the shore, a twisted spiral
little aware of the fact that its bigger home milky way is also a spiral
a million sparkles reflected on ocean water by the setting sun
the last orange ray trying to make its way beyond horizon
a tendril hoping to coil around the stem of neighbor
a mushroom waiting to stretch itself from the moist log
A honey bee, checking out millions of beautiful flowers 
working hard, collecting a bit of honey from each to make a drop 
unaware of the probability that it may be stolen
Strange is the evolution which has imparted intelligence
the necessity of hexagonal honey comb
and the intellect in every organism to sustain itself  
Admist all these bizarre thoughts
a desperate wait for someone special never ends,
waiting for a warm hug from beloved one, easing all the pain
to tell the thing never told, that you mean a lot to me
wishing the force of my desire be stronger
than the force of obligation
for once I would like to take a daring leap
breaking the circling around along the path set by life’s destiny
for once gathering courage to take a leap of faith
to be free form regret of not attempting even once
as a feeble photon travelling from a millions of light years
from unknown abyss of space and time hits the eye
mind rejoices in the realization that we are insignificant as a particle of dust.
A destiny reluctant to reveal more than one page at once
A falling star seen across the sky
I don’t know what to wish for
I only wish to convey gratitude to the creator, sustainer and destroyer
Stretched hands feeling the ocean breeze
Seemingly flying in the bliss of sight of horizon of water and sky
Glancing at the cloud passing by,
feeling the tender kiss of first rain drops on the cheek
the cold waves touching the feet
like arms of the sea trying to embrace me in it’s abode
as I let go off the notion of reality, the modern world around me
I feel as light as rain, as white as snow
To connect with the nature in its true form,
and rejoice in the very existence and wonderment about oneself
For I am the one of the nature’s most beautiful creations
I am just a ripple of celebration of someone somewhere 
in the mysterious fabric of life 

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Jaspreet said...

Amazing! It's good to see how everyone has treated the prompt "celebrations" differently.The poem holds true for almost everybody's life and thus it was a pleasure to read it.
All the best!

P.S. Really liked the choice of pics esp the "Before Sunset" one, which happens to be one of my favorite movies.

Shruti said...

Hey that was amazing! Loved it :)
Gud luck to you!!

Saro said...

Blown away.. and well, it consolidated everything that makes someone happy into a happy little cocoon of poetry.. good show! all the luck with batom!

Amity said...

I like the rawness of your verses...all so real and existent...yes, sometimes, we need to stare out the window and find these things from the biggest to the minutest of creations and their presence in the world where we live is worth celebrating!

Thanks for this poem Astrosunilnomy!
All the best!

MuddassirShah said...

Words wont do justice to your poetry.

"I am just a ripple of celebration of someone somewhere
in the mysterious fabric of life "

Amazing closing to a wonderful poem

Cherry Blossom said...

A beautiful nature poem depicting the minutest details, which forms the essence of celebrating the sole existence of life on the earth. Nature and It's creations, though ambiguous, yet so varied and beautiful, depicted with a unique style of celebrating. All the best.

Lost in thoughts said...

that's wonderful poetry!

Anonymous said...

lovely post. liked it . Best of luck to you .

Vinay Leo R. said...

very nice poetry.. all the best for BAT!

swayambhu said...

Hey, that's a nice piece, though a tad long...ATB for BATOM :-)

Shruthi Srinidhi said...

Loved your take on Celebrations... To portray an idea of this enormity as a verse is so tough yet so wonderfully done. Kudos and best wishes

Dr. Pratibha Singh said...

Your celebration is not one day celebration but I think its a celebration of what you are and I must say you are blessed with real talent.Can't forget to mention the picture you put together but those pictures are talking one so is the verse.all the best for BAT

Anonymous said...

Sunil , I just loveddddd it .. Yes ths was not formatted n blah blah , but it was the best I have read .. I loved every hidden meaning in every word , feelings , thoughts , expressions , unportrayed , unsaid , felt , well words short fall .. Absolutely amazing ...

All the best fo BAT !)

MAVERICK said...

Th biggest joy of all , is to celebrate life in its simplest form.
A great message put across.
All the best

Unknown said...

simply aweomsome :) nd loved those pics.............

Someone is Special said...

Wow... I loved it.. a unique poem about celebrations that added the joy to life.. well done..

Good luck for BAT and do stop by, Someone Is Special - Celebrations

--Someone Is Special--

astrosunilnomy said...

Sorry folks, been sick on fever, will read your posts & reply to the wonderful comments in a short while. Thanks for reading the same & for your time !

Baatein unkahi si said...

Amazing lines Sunil !! Your abstract bizarre thoughts are really beautiful. Small things definitely bring the greatest joys in life. I also loved the collage of images you put in here. All the best for BAT.

Kshitij KK Khurana said...

Okay! That's a huge collection of points. A number of them are very relate-able.

I would say I'd like it more had you formatted and presented the content neatly.

You initially mentioned - important is not to concentrate on the rules of writing but to enjoy the feelings behind the words.

Here's a counter - Writing is like food. Not only it needs to taste well, it must 'look' well as well :)

But to each his own.

Beyond Horizon said...

Indeed every moment of life is a celebration...loved wat u have wished 4 lookin at falling star...


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