Monday, November 15, 2010

Movie review: The pursuit of Happyness

Cast          : Will Smith, Jayden Smith, Thandie Newton 
Direction   : Gabriele Muccino

                       The Pursuit of Happyness is really worth for its Best Actor nomination for Will Smith which is inspired by a true story of rags to riches of Chris Gardner, an ordinary salesman on the streets of San Fransisco who goes to become a wealthy stock broker owing to his never ending pursue, hard efforts & never-say-die spirit. 
                   This movie is all about fatherhood amidst struggles to recover from harshness of poverty & hence seeking happiness ultimately. Chris a salesman by profession walks the streets of San Fransisco trying to sell his mysteriously portrayed product box: which once made a fortune for him is now no longer able to support him with enough earnings even for his daily bread. As Chris desperately tries to recover his family from economic crisis by switching businesses, hgets abandoned by his wife who adheres to his insistence of letting their 5 yr old son Christopher remain with him. As he makes up his way in his internship of stockbroker, life demands him a lot more struggle than ever. Some scenes like spending night in public restroom along with his son, running from cab driver when he has no money to pay for the drive, donating his blood for money for his daily bread, his tears when he clears the exam securing the job of stock broker after many long months of training & struggle to manage his life along with son did leave me with tears.
A must watch for those who like emotional ones.
This leaves a feeling somewhere in heart the miseries of poverty & economic inequality & in my opinion probably the movie is over made to a small extent.

Look out what really is the happiness, which Chris is pursuing, & why in name of movie happiness is spelled happyness & what Chris tries to sell in his salesman profession.  

Will smith sparklingly shine in acting & elegant expressions of his well-defined character makes me wonder how come he missed Oscar for this superb role? & his son plays his role very naturally & deserves lots of appreciation.

The lines ahead contain spoilers. Do not read the further lines if you intend to see the movie soon.
The product Chris tries to sell is a bone scanner sort of medical equipment nicely called a ‘time machine’ by a mad beggar. Happyness is the name of the kindergarten school in which Chris leaves his son daily during his work. Chris seeks his happiness in the happiness of his family especially his son. 


Vikram Pyati said...

This is a real good movie. I actually had to watch it in installments as I couldn't bear the sufferings of the protagonists!

Unknown said...

This movie got remaked in Telugu too (name is "Maa naana Chiranjeevi", i.e. "My father is Chiranjeevi"). It was poorly directed.

Orsino PUA said...

I personally believe it was a piece of art in terms of its direction. It was really well thought of, integrating a lot of really meaningful captions, situations, and expressions.


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