Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Movie review-Guru

         Although concealed the movie very clearly resembles the process of Dhirubhai Ambani establishing himself as business tycoon of India. Abhishek Bachan i.e Guru bhai executes his role & character elegantly in the well defined role by Mani. Besides a couple of songs being melodious the songs tend to bore & simply do not fit in the story, but this can be excused owing to the chemistry between Aish & Abhishek working out very well. Guru bhai who intends to do good bijness(business), intelligently & aggressively establishes his textile business doing whatever it takes to achieve an exponential growth although setting a new trend of corruption & corporate crime in the pre-globalization era in India.

Guru bhai’s daring, self confident nature & his passion to dream big & chase to achieve them, coupled with very strong & well crafted dialogues definitely inspires the young entrepreneurs of Indian. Gurubhai hailing from a decent village family & his journey to become a great visionary creating huge & instant wealth to the Indian middle class is made very well in the movie. Guru bhai delivers on his business stratergies exactly his business expected, doing whatever it takes. Whenever his salute was required, he saluted! Whenever there was a need to bribe politicians to get his work done, he bribed!

Guru bhai’s passion to keep dreaming bigger & the chase makes him do some unlawful things as manipulating shares & cunningly increasing productivity of his company leading to conflict between himself & the archetypal capitalist, communist – a newspaper owner(Mithun) & his star reporter(Madhavan) who swears to bring Guru bhai down, ultimately landing guru & his empire in trouble .Watch out how guru survives his allegations & manages to get himself & his company out of the judicial allegations. Thanks to Mallika's guest appearance - dancing in 'mayya mayya' song in Istanbul which is really awesome.

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