Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Whacky quotes !

These are random thoughts ran across my mind & told & retold among friends mostly in sky watching trips in coorg, siddarabetta etc...

> My aspiration of my life "to witness a miracle, to see supernova & a black hole eating it simultaneously"

> "I want to see Milky Way horizon to horizon with mountains & oceans everywhere"

> "I increased my extent of averted vision to such an extent that i looked out of the eyepiece"

> "Damn Akarsh for creating enthusiasm to such an extent, i could see horse head nebulae with naked eye, in whatever white patch of light i saw, missing on the actual one really" 

> Akarsh: What is IIA's telescope, Is it a Maksutov or RCX or Schmidt Cassegrain? 
Sunil:  Oh No No, its dark blue one

> Akarsh: IIA scope is coma free
Sunil: so can we put that in front of yours 17.5 in series so that we can see coma free view...

> Overdose of observing galaxies on lack of bed sheets: 

Some guy to some guy: you can share my bed sheet
Sunil:  well, you can sleep on him, face on or edge, or just irregularly since bed sheet was really small one.

> Akarsh: these wires are all tangled, 
> Sunil: well, let’s see if your string theory helps to unwind that, if it does not for such a     simple thing, how the hell it will explain universe? 
> Akarsh: can u see a triangle?
Me: even if I am not applying permutations & combinations, i can see at least 20    triangles!

> Couldn’t find better time & place to test law of inertia? 
Keethi's scope : all carried & threw it on ground on siddarbetta obs site in night....all      carried & put it back into van morning, 
Scope was there only without getting assembled. Proved!  

>   Ravi did a sleeping marathon in siddarbetta observation session; he was awake like      for 15 mins, rest 18 hrs slept in van. He definitely needed a bed for Messier Marathom!! 

Sometimes i wonder there just aren't enough stars ! 

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