Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sci-Fi Cafe

I have seen a lot & lot of science fiction movies, here is my personal top recommendation.

This article is like coffee table magazine, just for random reading.

I'll enrich the contents as & when time permits....comments most welcome please.

1) The Time Machine - Nothing beats the HG wells classic thriller! - A scientist's lady love dies & he wanders in time to find answers to regain his love! The motivation for him to build time machine is just a deep aspiration to meet his lady love just one more time. So constructs a time machine, goes in past & meets her, but she dies anyway owing to the concept or reality that events in the past or rather destiny cannot be changed. He goes to future to find the answers & sort of gets lost in time becomes a wanderer in time! Heart touching scene, moon is shown as fragmented stretching across the sky much like the milky way , amazing scenery & of course the time machine & time dial on it ! Probably this gave first visual picture of a concept as abstract & absurd as a time machine. Good conceptualization &

2) The man from the earth – You will get lost in logical arguments, it's just a simple movie, bunch of professors expert in their own domains, sitting on a couch & chatting, simply mind blowing arguments about religion, philosophy, fiction, beliefs of civilizations, prehistoric man & his numerous beliefs, assumption about God etc, catch up detailed review posted previously on my blog.

3) The Matrix - Totally out of box. Free your mind ! as the punchline tells no body can be told what the matrix is , you have to see it for yourself, well I coudnlt believe that science fiction movie can go to this level of complexity, many concepts beome clear whn you see it for 2nd & third time.AI-artificial intelligence

4) Deep impact - Begins with an high school kid, an Amateur Astronomer spotting an unknown object around star Mizar, its a double star which appears single to eye, but thru binocs or telescope it splits as two. That unknown object is an Asteroid on it's path to collide with earth.

5) Armageddon - I feel it is quite a senti movie, just love the song ‘Don’t wanna miss a thing' ! Planting a nuke in core of Asteroid supposed to hit earth is really a very scientific idea, totally practical when we are faced with such a scenario.

6) Minority Report - Amazingly advanced technology ideas !

7) Hitchhiker's guide to galaxy - excellent novel read "The ultimate hitchhikers guide to galaxy”

8) Pi - A psycho tries to find pattern in stock market. Everything in nature has patterns. Nature loves symmetry & patterns.

9) Pitch black - Good thriller, The moon or planets on the alien planet are superb !

10) The Abyss - Discover what is there in bottom of ocean ! A crew just happens to make an amazing discovery of finding intelligent life forms at the bottom of ocean.

11) Blade runner - Classic

12) Eternal sunshine of spotless mind- Erasing memories? How about that? Two people erase their memories to forget about each other, but their love in the deepest of their memories finds a way to recall good things & reunite them. The deep emotions of love cannot be erased !

13) The Contact – Good movie containing many concepts like Radio astronomy, Time travel, Einstein-Rosen bridge. Alien intelligence etc. But really feels like it's over doing in last hour or so.

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