Monday, August 30, 2010


This post has been submitted for the My Demand contest

Complete Automation in automotive engineering:
Accident free traffic….by entering the source & destination of the travel all the vehicles must automatically optimize their routes & drive themselves to destination with artificial intelligence so that there can be no accidents. Also multistoried roads can be built for areas which are having higher traffic.

Doctor IC:
A device similar to cell phone which monitors health parameters like blood pressure, sugar levels, etc it can be enhanced to accommodate more health parameters. Should be able to diagnose health issues & recommend the medicine as entered by your family doctor. This would be first line of support similar to first aid.

A handheld device giving access to all kinds of information anytime anywhere for everyone..probably connect to internet !!

Cycles running on solar energy. A solar panel installed at home charges the battery fitted in cycle. If this battery runs low we can peddle to commute on the cycle.

Clothes which change color depending on our choice…

Innovation in storing & transporting electricity at minimal losses.

To device to archive my thoughts i.e facts & figures in my personal PC, which I tend to forget usually & access it when required in future….

Economical solar panels on roof top of every house generating electricity for daily usage

Huge solar panels around the sun…wirelessly transmitting energy back to earth…


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brandMARIO said...

hi... im new into blogging... and VERY new to indiblogger... nice post but first tip...
i dont think you have to name your post like you did... the post title needs to be more attractive...

in a case like this... the indiblogges will know that you are taking part in the contest once ur post is up there.. so ur post title must tell them what you are writing about... ;-)

just a suggestion... neat blog though...


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