Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy teacher’s day

                     To all the teachers out there, I wanna express my gratitude & wish them a very happy teacher’s day. I don’t have any particular teacher in mind to call up or recall & wish exclusively, not because they were not good, but I was just different & got drifted away from my education at quite early stage, hence lesser appreciation towards things & teachers. As I a good listener, I always wanted to be a student in class room of the great scientist & teacher Dr Richard Feynman. I have been most inspired by his books & lectures & learnt so much. I wish, I could be in his class saying “Thanks professor”   .

The best books in Physics  :  Feynman Lectures on Physics

     As my sister said it - the American education system is designed in identifying & improving strengths so that people excel in what they are good at, achieving something in life,  hence the number of PhD's in US exceed by a large factor compared to India,. The Indian educational model identifying only weakness, doesn't even care about the interest of students & does not appreciate the strengths etc, hence making all people normal persons.  They invest their time & mental energy in improving their weakness whole lifetime & hence become ordinary persons just like everyone else. Education model basically should concentrate in helping students in identifying their interest. Counselling should be an essential part of the school activities. More important then that education system should focus on inculcating good values of our society & culture thus giving out responsible & best citizens for tomorrow. We must start implementing new policies which calls for an unconventional approach now ! 

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Vikram Pyati said...

Absolutely.. you hit the nail on the head!!!
I think this attitude has to change where learning is considered only a means of earning livelihood; not something that brings joy or interests us. Also, the education system in India is very rigid in that if you take the science stream there is no way you can take, for e.g., psychology or economics and vice versa.


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