Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Moral science stories for kids 7: The one with overcoming past things

Further to this article on past grudges.


        This article being very true, does not provide solution. There is a quote: Everyone in your life is gonna hurt you, you just have to decide to be ok with some of them. Indeed very true, our lives are complicated & driven by different passions, even making more money is one of them. With age & experience of dealing with the world, we should try to see the big picture always. Does any event have any importance say after 10 years, does this issue which hurt me so much now would be of any relevance after 5 years? I have made my wife cry over something but she knows I have also cried just for making her cry. As far as love is constant between two people, they can overcome past grudges specially with those with whom we have chosen to be ok with in our lives like spouse, siblings, parents uncle/aunty even friends etc. After two unknown people from different walks come together to become friends, they just dont mind what other one says, coz deep underneath there is friendship, love & care for each other, but be sure not to cross boundaries always whomever is the person, you never know when you may hurt them! Almost everyone has complaints about the way their parents brought them up. Some overadvised them caring them too much. some paid less attention to let their children drift away from them. life becomes easier if you pool people in the ok pool, you dont have to keep grudge with them & always see big picture in life, respond to a situation, dont react. by responding to a situation we essentially take time to see the big picture & analyse from all possible angles.


Someone is Special said...

Sunil written from the heart.. Beautiful thoughts man..

Someone is Special

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

It is so well written, really.


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