Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Eternal bliss

As I feel the eternal bliss
rejoicing in this unknown mystery
wondering about all the things around
trying to make sense  of the dimensions of life

Making the most of the moments
with my sanity lying me about everything
As the waves of time
Washing away the memories
on the shores of life.

Yet lies beyond me a sense of fear
a sense of defying the obvious
Questioning and challenging what’s apparent

I am just a traveler with my own baggage
things that I picked up on my way
only to drop them before going away

Regretting some of the things done
letting go some things close to heart
only to realize that some memories cannot be erased

Who knows whom I gonna be
a shining star up above the sky
or just a lost soul
wandering in the emptiness of space and time

Life is full of  twists and turns
trying to be normal
giving up all the things I cared
for some others which did not really matter in the end

Trying to quantify the feelings of love
to compare and contrast with the ones you really cared.
You know the time will never stop
things will never stop changing

I only wish I could feel the eternal bliss
in this never ending voyage of self discovery
I wish I could figure out the meaning of all this
just for once to forget it a moment later

Looping around the causes and effects of nature
trying to accumulate the memories fleeting by
To catch a break from this life and know the things for sure.
that i am not insane
and not stop questioning my sanity

trying to guess the depth of my consciousness
to attempt to figure it all at once
just know the depth heaven and hell

trying to return to the home in vain
for the home is no longer the same
accepting the fact home is where the mind is happy

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Vikram Pyati said...

Wonderful post Sunil.... you have beautifully expressed the confusion, the dilemma that most of us go through in our lives. But in my opinion 'eternal bliss' is imaginary. It doesn't exist. Ironically, even if it exists, the only way to attain it is by not thinking about it.


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