Friday, August 17, 2012

Usernames & Passwords

Shakespeare said:  What's in a name ?

Well, there can be anything or nothing in a name, but  I suppose there is a lot that can be revealed from a username & passwords of  people. When there can be handwriting analysis etc, I wonder why we don't have username/password analysis. There is certainly a lot of insight that can be obtained from the same. usually one keeps the name of something unforgettable as password. On the lighter side, here is a collection of some of the same of characters from popular sitcoms to go first....

Username  : Sheldon_rocks
Password  : Sheldon_just_rocks*007^

Username  : Leonard
Password  : IwaanbeBadGuy

Username  : Rajesh_USA
Password  : Ilovemysweater&jetski

Username  : Penny_theactress
Password  : Ijustloveshoes

U : HowardWolowitz
P : SpaceScientist

U : Monicageller
P : iwannacleanthewholeworld

U : Rachel
P : fashionpassion

U : Ross_the_digger
P : Itsalwaysbeenrachel

U : Chandler_jokesinc
P : JaniceOhMyGod!

U : Janice
P : ItsalwaysbeenChandlerhhhaaaa!!!

U : Chandler_jokesinc
P : bingbingbing

U : Chandler_jokesinc
P : bingbingbing

U : Joey
P : Howyoudoin?

U : Phoebe
P : haanweirdohaan?

U : SonuNigam
P : ohohooooooahaaaaha   (song :  Ab mujhe raat din...)

U : MonmohanSingh
P : sshhhhhh.....

U: Rajnikanth
P: It is said that Super computers crashed after Rajnikanth keyed in the password.

U: Rajnikanth
P: The repeating digits of Pi.

U: Rajnikanth
P: No site dares to ask Rajnikanth the password, it just knows to login.

U : Charlie_Harper
P : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&x

U: Alan_harper
P: Iamnotatotalloser_really

U: Jake_thecool_kid
P: Whatev

U: Priyanka_chopra
P: ihatethechipchip

U: ShahRukh_Khan
P: kkkkkkiran

U: SpellofNeha (my wife is a harry potter fan)
P: < doesn't need password, the spell is supposed to sign in into the account, but essentially one needs to be flying on broomstick first >

more to come along here.....

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Vikram Pyati said...

Awesome dude.... hilarious !!!!
A very nice and a different concept.

Will eagerly wait for the next instalment of user names and passwords :)


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