Sunday, October 21, 2012

Honest answers

      Schools, kids & even parents never take moral science class seriously, they just feel it’s time pass period. One of the newly appointed young moral science teacher was enthusiastic to bring about some change & asked this question to the kids :  

If I had the power to change something, I would change….’.

One of the kid in rush to answer first said I would not change anything as the word is perfect for me!  
             The teacher asked him Really? Do you think so? the kid admitted that he had not thought about the topic in depth. There was a point he wanted to put forth. He said I would change the salary of my house maid. She works really hard whole day, yet gets just small amount as salary. My dad & mom work in office & they get nice salaries. There must be equal salaries for all people.
Another kids said, If I had the power to change something, I would change almost everything, starting form the way people think.
Give a chance to change, one said he would like to stop the corruption in the country with a spell like Harry Potter. Another said he wanted to preserve the forests, stop cutting trees. Then lot of honest & straight form the heart ideas started pouring in.
Go green, all must go green, I want to change the whole world to use electric cars, thereby reducing pollution. The kid from the last bench wanted to invent a battery that would store a lot of energy & this would bring a revolution in the ever increasing power demands of the planet. 
There was a kid whose father was a bus conductor, he said, i dont know my dad always says that all the people from must bring the change. 
The teacher laughingly said yes that’s  a great quote : Although your dad meant was to give the change for the ticket amount, but we can take a lot back home from this wonderful quote.  

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