Thursday, October 20, 2016

Nerd is the new trend


           Well, Nerd is the new Sexy, the topic of post being different just to keep the keen eyes of SEO away from my blog. With fast paced technology changes & jobs, the trend these days is shifting towards a greater percentage of work getting done on the computers, online or offline. Smartphones are like miniature computers invading our bedrooms & bathrooms as well. Actually many people just don't mind being plugged into a wall, away from the disturbances and outside real life events. The new algorithms, the new challenges in security, automation in various industries like manufacturing, monitor & control in various industries have led to more people move towards being nerdy - fashionably. A sitcom like Big Bang Theory is a hit worldwide not just in few countries. Many people like the show, although many may not admit that openly.

Here are the typical characteristics of being a nerd, well this is my opinion & limited to my experiences & my friends circle, my travel across couple of countries. But I guess you may relate to few of them.

You are a nerd if you watch mind fuck movies like Matrix, Inception, Primer, Donnie Darko, Triangle, Interstellar, Prestige, Momento etc. Nolan is one of your favorite directors, you wonder why there aren't enough such movies.

You keep an eye on hacking stuff, optimizing the existing stuff, like trying to improvise everything around you. Keen eye on incremental design changes.

You become excited & happy by associating the mundane everyday things with science /movie/comics concepts like when you see the number 42- probably you & your partner knows about that smile on your face. For those of you who don't know - 42 is ultimate answer to life universe & everything else- from the Hitchhikers guide to galaxy. Do read the book if you haven't already.

Your secretly wish something spectacular event like supernova, or reception of a message from outer space should happen in your lifetime, the events which are really unlikely to happen in next 100 yrs or so. In fact you have a secret bucket list of weird things to do like see auroras or visit strange phenomenon across the globe.

You are a nerd if you have watched movies like Matrix like for 5 times, trying to figure out each & every line. secretly feeling that you were the one or hoping that matrix should be true. There is theory in fact which suggests our lives are nothing more but an simulation. How depressing !

Religiously watched Big Bang Theory, hated Sheldon in public, but secretly admired him even a part of you wants to be like him, if not entirely annoying.

You don't have time to watch all the great movies or read popular books, so you just read the spoilers & move on.

You actually sat down with pencil & paper & drew the timelines of time travel movies.

You start thinking sideways or out of the box without grasping an interesting concept completely, imagining the most bizarre of the things related to it.

You have a sarcastic perspective towards things, not necessarily negative or depressing which you don't want to think sometimes.

You can quantify KLOC easily, rather than those rarely used units of measure like gallons or pounds.

You may like computer games, but you look for something more like learning or brain games etc or you use them to relax like others.

What in your opinion makes one nerdy ?

Well, there are side effects of being a geek, but that's a separate post - click here.

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