Thursday, August 20, 2020

Set of 5 stories - 55 Fiction, Season - 2

 1. Move on with memories.

His eyes were wet signing the sale agreement of his home that was no longer needed, as he had moved to the town. As he closed the door to lock, he saw image of his parents in the empty house & recalled his dad used to tell to move on in life, no matter what happens.

P.S: Life moves on no matter what. Time heals things.

2. A new chapter 

Finally I spoke to her on the last day of college in library. I had seen her everywhere in class, canteen, gym etc. I asked: Do you get this strange feeling of missing these books, even though you were never excited to read them in the first place? Hey, Can we be friends? She replied: Glad that you asked, Sure!

P.S: Some good things have to end to give way for the better things in life.

3. The speaking tree

“You don't belong here, how come you are here?”, asked the saint to the tree, seeing it was a very unusual. The tree said “probably I am not from here. A comet or meteorite may have brought me down here when I was a seed. I have learnt the language listening to passing by people over the years.”

P.S: Based on the theory or concept that life was seeded on earth, probably brought down by comet or meteorite from another planet, where life was plentiful, probably mars or some other habitable planet outside solar system as well. Recently there has been enough data to confirm the existence of earth like planets. These are called Exoplanets.

4. The Umbrella

Two friends met for coffee, at a hotel close to their place. It reminded them of their student life. It started to pour while they were about to leave. "Take this umbrella, I know you dislike carrying it, but you are not as young as you used to be. I'll reach home in no time on my Bajaj” said one to another

P.S: This reflects the love, care & concern to minor interests of an old friend. I have a close friend who lets me win the computer games, against him. How nice of him!!

5. The Strangers

They were just strangers who exchanged a smile in lift while going office almost everyday. He had switched job & on last day he told her “I won't be working here anymore, just wanted to tell you, that you have really pretty eyes”. She said “thanks & wish you the best”.

P.S: Two people may not know each other but share a connection, like when commuting in a bus, train etc. They care for each other as their lives intersect for a while or so regularly.

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