Friday, April 10, 2009

Movie review: Rock on is Rocking on

I usually write English movie reviews which get published in a couple of places since they appeal to me more than Hindi ones….

But Rock On is not the same old Hindi movie containing love polygons, but its quite refreshing & inspiring having a style of its own to convey its message with the correct blend of realities of life & passions i.e. “It’s never too late to live your dreams”

A movie touches your heart when you share a similarity with the theme of movie & your life. People tend to enjoy in doing what they are good at.

The movie starts with Sakshi, a modern house wife, who just wants to see her husband Aditya(Farhan Akhtar) to regain his long lost happiness by rediscovering his passion i.e Rock music. They were a band of four friends who had rocked the world ten years ago though it was an amateurish attempt.
Then their lives take them on very different routes away from their passion owing to some incident which occurs in course of trying to make their passion their profession. They don’t hear from each other for quite a long time after their breakup. Obviously they are not happy in life that has been chosen by destiny. They wanted to be rock singers but life has made them such as an investment banker, jewellery businessman etc….

I especially like the dialogue when Aditya exclaims: 'When the past bad memories will stop chasing me' & his wife’s friend replies ‘when you stop running from them’. This is so true indeed.

Owing to Sakshi’s attempts to reunite them, they come together with the reason which can none other than an opportunity to relive their all time passion.

They perform on stage with all the modern rock band instruments with superb lyrics composed by them to find their true happiness.

I do not know whether anyone would be inspired enough to dare to return to their past dreams & aspirations by watching this movie, but I know for sure is that it brings out a couple of tears from an emotional heart who has compromised with destiny trying to forget the aspirations to live in the harsh realities of life.

Music is pretty good (especially the song "tum ho to") & story line flows well with present & 'flash backs' with well defined characters with brilliant performances. But the theme does not take you away like Dil chahta hai. That’s a classic for ever. Arjun Rampal could have had more ex-pressions on his face.

A must watch in a weekend break….

Hum to shayar hai nahi par itna inspiration mil gaya ke pal japakte he hum chaar line likh diye: I wrote these lines after seeing the movie:

Zindagi mein hum najane kitne samjhote karte hain,
Majbooriyon se apne khushiyon se muh mod lete hain,
Apne aakhon ke samane anginat sapne toot jaate hain
Beete lamhon ke yaade humme tadapate hain
De jaate hai gham umar bhar ke liye.....

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Unknown said...

No wonder there is a saying:-
If you want to be happy for a day, go on a picnic.
If you want to be happy for a week, go on a vacation
If you want to go happy for a month, get married(?)
If you want to be happy for a year, inherit wealth
If you want to be happy for a lifetime, do the work that you love.


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