Friday, April 10, 2009

Value the Valuable........

When I brought the newly launched N73 mobile recently I was the happiest guy becaue it was very expensive, ‘high end’ and I had all my friends flocking around me telling how wonderful a device it was and I too never felt bored extolling its features a million times.
But now, I realized a lesson of a lifetime. Things like this will come and go and get outdated. I was giving values to wrong things in our life. We often compare our friend’s salaries working in various companies & aspire to earn more & more like them. What we need to compare is our happiness packets. What we fail to realize is that how happy we are with the money we are getting. If a person is very busy in earning more & more money & not getting time to enjoy that money then what’s the use?
More happy is a person who earns half than him & takes out time to enjoy with family & friends. Money is just a means to get happiness, money itself is not happiness. Many a times we recall a person not by his name but by something he possessed like a bike etc. And we'd refer to him as "u know that guy in our college days with the imported bike..” What we need to realize in life is to raise ourselves higher than the feelings of comparison with others in terms of money, power etc..It's the detachment from such false valuables which will be a reason for happiness & after all what we all want from life is happiness.
We came in this world with empty hands & take nothing whicle leaving. All the things we earn are to be enjoyed & utilized for our personal & society’s happiness. Our mind is occupied by thoughts most of the times as to what others may think about us & these thoughts make us happy or sad. Why are we paying so much importance to thoughts of probable thoughts of others which are in anyway uncertain? What needs to be valued in life is various forms of ‘Love’. The love of parents, partners, friends etc…..if a person has learnt to give value for the correct things in his life he has learnt the path to achieve happiness.

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Unknown said...

We might have come to this world empty handed but actually we bring the knowledge that we hav gained in our previous birth and that goes with us when leave this world.The knowledge (gyan) that we possess is always there with us increasing day by day all stays here :)


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