Saturday, May 29, 2010

Who is this God person anyway?

      Probably there is no God, enjoy your life : read the quote on the side of bus, Volvo buses nowadays have lot of good advertisements these days which just captures the attention. Although many people just don’t care what microprocessor is running in their laptop, but everyone likes a take a look at Intel’s upcoming processor. As I looked at this quote I began to wonder, was this an advertisement for selling happiness, was this an add to not to make money or sell any product but some what bring about atheism or just a message “take a break dude, chill out, enjoy ! ”

Different cultures have different assumptions on histories of God

Seems like true sometimes, owing to the fact that we can never figure out what or who actually is God. Is this universe itself God. Then we humans being a part of the universe are also part of God. We too are divine in one form & hence everyone can worship oneself.

History & mythology is overloaded with innumerable concepts about God. All civilizations had to introduce God in their culture & tradition. No one could dare to run their society in good manner without the concept of God. All civilizations spent a lot of their efforts to build magnificent temples, conduct poojas.

In India, Indus valley civilization the oldest running civilization ever has innumerable cultures & traditions & hence many many concepts about god.

India is called a land of snake charmers, since it was a profession, so considered holy & divine & worshipped in the form of God. Then came the industrialization .the tools which provided livelihood in factories machinery etc were worshipped as God. Ayudha pooja what we call.

to be continued ...under compilation


Beyond Horizon said...

really interesting post....questioning abt God......
waiting 4 d continuation of post....

Ritz.. said...

Interesting Post ..



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