Saturday, July 3, 2010

Finding a way !

             I was really very impressed by this pic & thought it deserved a blog-post, How true isn't it ? If we intend to do something really, your mind just desperately overworks to devise a method, a plan, a way to accomplish it somehow. If it's a bit on unlawful side, later there is philosophy which comes to rescue, and we can take comfort in its belief, proving the righteousness of our action. One confession: I was really impressed by an article "Seven mysteries of physics" in New Scientist magazine, in old racks of my School/College library, which nobody read anyway. I liked it so much that i just wanted it & devised a clever way to steal it without getting caught, coz i knew how the system works, not the system of check being done at exit, but the librarian not allowing me to have the book, in-spite of truly expressing my interest. This was a tough job, though not as tough as Oceans's folks stealing a Casino. I would have regretted if I had not done that.  Anyway, thanks to internet which allows access to knowledge across the world.

             We have got to do the best with what god gave us, the resources which we have, tell me if there is any other way to be happy ?  Finding an excuse is very easy. There can be hundred arguments to not to the do the work & lazily lie on the couch , dusting oneself up & get moving is the key. Just being careful not to allow procrastination to creep in, otherwise things will have assurance to be accomplished but may never be as life is short. Rethink on your assumptions about everything, strengths weakness etc etc & reevaluate the strategy time to time. Don't apply obsolete methods which may fail in this kalyug. Whatever you do have a plan B , plan C also if possible, & allow enough happiness in you plan B to keep the people around you happy.
I think I must stop, thats a overdose of philosophy, that too on a Sunday !

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jyoths said...

Simplicity personified:)How true:)


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