Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Inception: This was my idea !

             Inception movie is great, too out of the world though it’s similar to 'The Matrix' or 'Thirteenth Floor'. it was a long time i was excited something my type of movie out in theatres, usually i watch almost all movies downloaded from net. But I felt sad that this idea – the exact concept behind the movie was not just similar but exactly same as the one that ran across my mind & I wrote down. May be I could have sold it to some one who could have considered it as a science fiction movie stuff long time back. May be I could have made some money out of it.

           More than 15 years before, when I was probably studying in 5th std school, I started writing book & named it “Beyond your thoughts” which was primarily intended to be a collection of my weird thoughts & ideas that ran across my mind, mainly in Astronomy.

           I wrote a subsection called ‘Simple things mean great things’, in which I go to tell about the physical significance of concepts like - choice, purpose, destiny, & dreams being one among them, Below is the exact extract of the same :

Day dream or night dream whatever you may dream is fascinating and dreams mean a lot to us. Day dreams are our aspirations or needs or fascinations we want to achieve in our life. We wonder what night dreams are all about because people dream on varied issues some meaningful and some not. We ourselves don’t understand what our dreams are or mean sometimes. Doctors and researchers have not yet completely understood the dreams. Leave about dreams we have not gained a complete understanding of our brains or minds, probably we will never gain a complete understanding I think, because how the brain works is so complicated thing. And one more thing, our brain has to understand how our brain works.
The interesting thing about dreams is that it’s a world created by our mind in which we stay believing it to be real or not knowing that it’s a dream world. You need to think in a different manner to understand what I want to say. In our non dream world we are well aware that it’s the real world or the non dream world and we can know and remember about the things happening in the dream world. But in the dream world we aren’t aware of it being the dream world and also we aren’t aware that a non dream world exists in which we stay for a longer time compared to dream world. Well you can say that, hey I may not remember just that thing that I thought or rather dreamt in the dream world that I was in the dream world and also thought that non dream world exists and I will return to it soon after completing my dream. Well u can also say that I just may not have dreamt of real world in my dream something similar to as we not thinking of dream world in our real world. What distinguishes the dream world from our real world is that the duration we stay in these two worlds. If we had a sleep pattern of say 23.99 hours which may have included a compulsory dream pattern of all time in it and we would return to the real world for a few seconds or milliseconds we would have thought of the real world as dream world and the dream world as the real world. Well you see the difference between dream world and non dream world. these two are different worlds one being real or something keeping us unconsciously conscious telling it real. We say our non dream world as reality because we stay in it for a longer time and believe in it or want to believe that our belief is correct.
You may remember reading this article about dream world as you reading it in you dream. May be?
But just one more thing. We never get a dream in our dream or what I mean is we never get a dream in which we go to bed and get another dream. I wonder whether we may be able to remember about the second level dream if we return to our real world without returning to dream world in which we had a dreamt of the secondary dream. This may happen if someone wakes us up suddenly when we are in our secondary level dream. If there are such multi level dream patterns in our sleep and if no one wakes us up we may get an infinite loop of dream worlds we may wander endlessly & its very difficult to think what can we remember after breaking out from all these looped dream worlds.   Anyway enjoy your dreams !


Vikram Pyati said...

You got to be kidding!!! You really wrote this in 5th std? When I was in 5th std, I couldn't have even dreamt about writing something like this! Great writeup!!!!

astrosunilnomy said...

@Vikram, as far as i remember, i started writing in book when i was in 5th or so. later when i got computer, i refined it! this idea ran across my mind pretty much around that age. probably i think i was a genius. afterwards education slowly ruined me LOL :-)

Arun said...

..just came across your blog somehow

I remember once having a dream within my dream - it was like something happening and convincing myself in dream that it was a dream. I don't remember exactly now though.

And with your point of dreaming of 23.99 hrs a day, we may actually misinterpret dream for reality if and only if all the dreams are continuous and coherent. Else, it would be some random memories of events right.. ?

astrosunilnomy said...

@ Arun, good to know u are so relaxed in ur sleep that u can get into another level of dreaming, these modern life's tensions & noise around us hardly leave space for sound sleep, leave about good dreams !

ya 23.99 hrs sleep ..events occurring must be meaningful enough to make sense in the later 1 min of reality ! this is just a crazy idea thats all ! don't bother too much , dreams a re a just pattern of thoughts arising from conscious or subconscious mind, which may or may not represent anything !


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