Friday, October 1, 2010

Revenge against destiny

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5.30 a.m  at Green valley railway station, Jammu & Kashmir :

Chotu : Wake up, Wake up my friend, listen carefully. I want you to do one work of mine, give this parcel to my brother on his birthday next week, I wont be there promise me that you will not open it & see. This belongs to my brother, Just give it to him & tell its last gift from me. Keep this safely with you. I have wrapped it in plastic cover so that it will not get wet. I am going somewhere, I have made a choice probably the most important decision of my life. I am sick & tired of this life. If am earning only Rs 50 selling team here, hence cannot rejoin my school. I will not end up anywhere near my dreams. Besides I will be having guilt of not taking care of my bother. I am just choosing the less worse thing, in fact I suppose I don’t have a choice.    
Destiny has played a dirty game with me, I am going to reply it now.

6: 00 am train arrives at Green valley 

Boom ! A loud blast is heard, Bomb Blast & next instant three compartments burning with fire, there is blood everywhere, many people catching their last breadth, many already dead. 
Police & ambulance, fire brigade rushing to towards station.

Report by local newspaper next day
His name was Chotu, Police have confirmed this is the case of Suicide bombing, another shameful act of terrorism, this is the third bomb blast in the city in last 5 months. Making a child a carrier of bomb by giving him money is cheap act of terrorism.

When we asked police more about the blast, the police have told us 'Although no terrorist organization has taken responsibility for the blast, what else can be the reason? we are so easy targets of terrorists here in our valley always, he was a waiter at local stall, sold tea at platform & in the train. He came here last year after his parents were killed in the market bomb blast. They owned a general stores in the market. The hotel owner was care taker of these two brothers Ram & Sham. Chottu or Ram elder brother was about 15 yrs old, but everyone called him Chottu.  His brother & friends are denying that Ram could ever do this bad thing. He was speaking with two strange guys one week back, after serving them them tea. They were talking to him something for quite sometime, may be asking him about the city. 

Rotary School, Jammu & Kashmir
       This is the story of Chottu, this is the beautiful picture I took one month back of the Station. Today this platform is in ashes. Terrorism never stops like this, only increases. Use the correct approach to stop terrorism. Rehabilitation of the victims should be done essentially, otherwise they will loose their normalcy in life and get carried away for doing anything anti social for sake of money. If the govt had some school or some NGO could have taken care of Ram & Sham & continued their education. they would have not done this.
          This is the moral science class & we have heard many nice stories. But children, this is not just a stroy, this is reality, things happening not far from our school.  You all are going to be the next future of India, you need to bring about a change. While the corrupt policy makers are busy making money for themselves & public opinion's vary over a trajectory from denial to acceptance, people just want to be told it's over. But it's not.

One week later..
Chottu's friend gives Sham the parcel and tells Happy Birthday Sham, your brother gave me this parcel to give it you, he said its his last gift. I think Chottu wanted you to be happy always.
They together open the packet & surprised to see ten thousand rupees. Sham tells I miss my brother, he was the only family I had, how can he think I will be happy with this money, I don't want this money, I want my brother back.
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Amity said...

Your story unfolded so fast...I was almost breathless reading the first para...but quite poignant... :(

Who could be blamed with the fate of Chotu? I nice story bringing out some harsh realities in the world where we live...when will this form of killings and suicides end?

All the Best!

Someone is Special said...

Poignant tale :-(.. i loved your take..

with lots of luv wishing you good luck for BAT..

--Someone Is Special--

MuddassirShah said...

Now this is a different interpretation of the topic.
its nice:)
good luck with BATOM-14

Vikram Pyati said...

Chotu's choice was indeed strange. Why would he choose to take revenge against destiny and leave his younger brother alone to fight with the same?

Shruti said...

It was sad :( Its awesome though :)
ATB! Thumbs up :)

Sidra Sayeed said...

It's a tale of relativity. To Ram a meager survival was stifling (I'm not discounting the many other factors which can lay claim on his personality/understanding/vision) and Sham's preferences were not aligned with Ram's. The story/decisions can have many a nuance which will give significant material for a hearty discussion.

Anu said...

Very poignant story telling! A different perspective on the topic! ATB!!

Vinod Kumar said...

Very good plot...

Cherry Blossom said...

Such a touching finish, glorifying fraternal love against wealth. Hope your message is heard and followed by the living generations. Short but effective. All the best.

Brijender Singh said...

Short,crisp and very potent !
Truly a great piece of writing.

Zainab Urooj said...

@astrosunilnomy Both of our stories have something in common. The bomb blasts.. I must say you have written a great post. I liked the last line very much.

Lolland said...

Intriguing... as terrorists get more and more powerful... mercenaries whose only motive is money for various reasons become the weapon of choice... great post...

Do check out my post The past is a different country.

Vikas Khair said...

Very Different take on the topic refreshing and really good.

ATB for BAT-15

Vikas Khair - Station of My Dreams and Love


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