Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yet another love story : Part1

Yet another love story                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ....coz i don't hate love stories.

 Part1 :  Serendipity

Scene 1 : Sunil's office, Pooja sits besides Sunil in office
Sunil   : Hey Pooja, ok I don't know how to ask this, anything to gift for first date ? actually second date, actually it's complicated, Why am I talking so much, I am already  nervous I suppose, Can you stop me please ?
Pooja  :  Ah, a girl, you have a date with a girl ?  Sunil let me tell you, those internet chat ones - don’t believe them, you are a good boy, stay away from them.
Sunil    : No not chat ones, I met her already, its with a pretty girl of course.
Pooja   : ok, you have confused me already, tell me after few days if things work out, just buy flowers, red ones indicate love, so yellow would be great. Is she is girl from             your geeky astronomy club, then you know better what to buy. Wait, are you sure you are not day dreaming after that weekend sleepless night of sky-observing
Sunil  : No stop talking nonsense, I said she is pretty, how can a girl be both pretty & into astronomy same time, any tips for a date  ?
Pooja : You are a nice guy, just be yourself,
Sunil (  Big smile showing all teeth !  ) : Really, hey thanks.  
Pooja : I meant be yourself, but just not too much !   (Oh, smile reduces )  I mean shave & go, not that once a week shave, I don't give a damn look. Don't wear That E=MC2 shirt, nor any physics quotes shirt, i.e she must not find anything interesting on you to start conversation, so that you don't start talking your own stuff. She may get bored & drifted away.

I took a deep breath & wondered whats wrong with the E=MC2 shirt or other physics quotes shirt, I knew nothing about politics sports, Bollywood numbers, etc etc. I asked my consciousness, just like my mom told, that it never tells lies : Is it important to give up your true self entirely to start a relationship with a girl ?  Answer came : Absolutely !
Sunil buys yellow flowers, wondering what to make out of Pooja's instructions & goes to the restaurant that evening. The newly opened one is by his friend Rajesh
Flash-back - reverse rolling of tape..
The day before, Sunil reads a note over & over again not blinking his eyes for 5 mins. The note read
"Tomorrow same place evening @  6 ? - you could have just asked me instead of staring at me so long ..bye tc :-) ..Shruti'.
A gentle wind in the pleasant evening, the setting orange sun in the far horizon, there comes our heroine. She comes in the restaurant, all eyes are on her, Sunil exclaims 'Whoa, the most beautiful girl I have ever seen I suppose, she takes a seat & orders coffee. Sunil at the counter of his friend's newly opened restaurant. Sunil's heart skipped several beats & his eyes never blinked. A CRO machine connected to his heart would have shown the waveform of love symbol definitely with caption "let she be the one, God please ". Her orange dress matched with the setting sun, Sunil closed his eyes as if he could smell the fragrance of petals printed on her dress just like wheel or some detergent advertisement. Hmm, Why do we waste so much time finding the right one, when there are so many right-for-now pretty ones around ?
She was so charming, no make up, no hair do, no lipstick, making one wonder in these days, how come one can look so simple & yet so charming. The background song :  'Phir bhi kitne sundar ho' seemed to descibe her precisely.
Every moment's sight was so precious, worth to be captured in some kind of memory photograph. the melody of the sound of her payal seemed to match with the instrumental song in the background. Her red bindi reminded of the hubble image of the red giant betelgeuse . Like the Doppler effect, her proximity towards me only intensified my feelings for her.
Rajesh : Leave it dude, not your type.
Sunil    : Shaadi thode he karne hai, line to marne de, after school days line marane ka bhi chance nahi mila...
Rajesh : line marta tha, school times itself ?
Sunil    : Dude, whats big deal, no girl used to recognize that I am trying to impress her anyway. 
Sunil sits next to her table staring at her almost making her uncomfortable. She finished her coffee, waiting for some update on her mobile. She picks it up & messages some body. She seems a bit upset, that look totally not going with her charm & beauty, she  waited for half an hour, not looking around much. She got a call & said something on the phone & left to leave. She handed something to waiter along with paying the bill. Five minutes later the waiter comes to Sunil & handed the tissue paper. Whoa there it contained a note   " tomorrow same place evening @  6….. "  - yes it was note from that pretty girl who left 5 minutes ago. Sunil began to wonder, anything wrong with this girl ?  No pretty girl has given me a signal like this before, or is it I have evolved faster in recent days to become handsome. Did her boy friend stood her up in restaurant now, Did he break up with her ?  Obviously she has a boy friend, since she was so pretty. Suddenly Shruti seemed to be the most beautiful name in the world.  
You may wonder who I am telling the story, you will come to know soon.

Disclaimer : I am not Sunil of story, all characters are fictional.


Unknown said...

Hmmm....Interesting. I am waiting for Part2.

Vikram Pyati said...

Interesting... very interesting. Waiting for the next part.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Part II too.


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