Monday, January 24, 2011

A simple revelation

This is not spirituality, not astronomy, not philosophy, but just my interpretation of a phrase asked by my friend Guruprasad A M.

Arivina olavide.
Arivina Cheluvina Chellannu chelluvudakkintha modalu hididuko..!!

Arivu = knowledge
Olavu = passion
Cheluvu = beauty

I am having an awareness, a knowledge, sense of things of within me, a sense of divinity within me, god resides in me, I am aware of the good residing in me. I have an extreme passion for the knowledge which is my strength, my identity, my source of power, the thing which keeps me moving in life,
          Don't throw it - meaning don't flaunt it in front of others with ego behind that, don't show off. I know astronomy a bit more than layman, but this should not lead to show off, don't go & flaunt to other people, you can spread the knowledge but don't make to appear that I know astronomy a lot, you really really don't because learning is never complete. There are levels of knowledge..I am aware & appreciate  the fact that there are higher levels of knowledge I have to achieve or gain...there are many unknown levels & paths I need to transcend. 

        Don't showoff, with ego behind that you are the only one who possess it, spread it to the group who are not aware of this, preach it, practice it. Make the people appreciate the subject. Knowledge is meant to be shared, by sharing you learn more and gain more, just like love. What is important is by this thought process, you let go off your ego, & develop a humble, polite character, nature, & importantly a desire to keep learning continuously in life, & change ourselves for the better. You keep an open mind to learn new things & influence others with its implications, change our lives to make it better. By this character & attitude you learn to respect the value of learning from people around you, & from the literature archived since ages. You will get the knowledge to live life righteously, you will win the respect in your society.& be able to change it for the better.

    Thus this nice phrase or stanza sums up how to live life entirely for an individual & hence society. Is this a great message from god ? Well if isn't, Can you disprove it logically ?  Well lets enjoy the essence, & try to interpret it in our own way. The ultimate truth is designed in a way that its discovery cannot be ascertained, may be it can be, you never know.

God works in mysterious ways !

Knowledge can mean anything, the lessons learnt in your life, either technical, spiritual, metaphysical or just any valuables learning. Einstein took 10 yrs to come up with general theory of relativity, the best scientific minds have acknowledged that if Einstein had not come up with that idea, no one ever would, this just changed the physics from the one we knew for ever. This has profound implications. Anything is possible in universe right ?   We thought our galaxy was the entire universe, now its so obvious that every point we see which is not a star is actually a galaxy comprising of hundred million stars or so. Does truth have to be such complicated always ? Why can't the truth be simple just able to explain the entire meaning of the universe in a sentence. Are we capable of grasping the source code behind the nature of universe. Does these thoughts keep revealing more things like these or have a closure ?  Well, you never know !

       You know those Chinese boxes, one inside the other, one inside the other etc, We are like in the innermost box, there are multi levels of truth, your consciousness can take what it can ! At some point of time you have to stop following your tail chasing round the maple have to assume that your realization is truth. God has always spoken through  men to make his word clearer. This is what Bhagavad Geeta, Quaran , Bible is all about I suppose . They teach the same things, but differently.

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arthalogybytheguru said...

Excellent ..!!! Marvelous..!! explaination give by you..

No doubt you have an excellent skill of writing having par I.Q value..

You have that edge …to be an international writer..

So well you have scripted ur thoughts…!!!


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