Friday, March 11, 2011

Moral science stories for kids 4: The one with parenting

        You know what kids, parents often bring up their children wrongly, rich parents gave them little too much, poor parents did not give them at all etc. So just realize you have it in your hands to shape your life in the way you want it to be, Your parents will compare with the brightest kid in the class, expect you to score high marks as him. Just think of this in this way :  There is no single race - exams are not running race to score high marks. But consider this there are many races & you get to choose one before you can run in it, set goals for yourself & achieve them, practical short term & long term goals. If you are into sports, if thats what gonna turn into, if you are not having a great aptitude. Don't waste time improving your aptitude, try a hand at what you are good at. If not successful have a plan B to recover from that & get back on track in life. Always account for variable change. Always have a plan B in life, if plan A fails, Plan B should have damage control and set a new direction for you sail. you got to prove to you parents, that getting high marks is not my life, but achieve something & show that this is what you want in life, there can be only one first rank is class right ?

Small advice for parent's, let your child be what he wanna be, after all you want him to be happy right  
Get ahead and become what you wanna be.  

I had a strange revelation once while trekking, I rarely trek, in fact I do hardly any physical exercise, hence this was tough for me. We went down a waterfall, more of a valley hardly no one around, only five of us friends. Going down was easier but the journey backwards, an uphill climbing task, this was full of thorns & bushes, not much grip to hold on & climb, rest of my friends has already climbed up. One of my friend stayed with me ensuring that I made it up with him. initially i felt the climbing was much tougher than it seems & of course was very scared. But there was no other choice, somehow managed to climb it with help form my friend. later I realized - Walking the path was easier than it seemed. we have all these negative emotions & thoughts that its gonna be tough , impossible etc, but when you actually dare to do so, it may be a lot more easier than you imagined it to be. 

Everything happen twice in your life, once in your mind and then in actuality or reality.
you are the architect of your destiny, also destruction. 
Here is the quote from Matrix :

Don't think you are Be you are 
Don't try to hit me and hit me

Hope this helped.

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