Sunday, March 27, 2011

Moral science stories for kids 5: The one with moving on

Don’t get too much attached to things, Just move on in life, just go with the flow.

    Well, there are many quotes on how to live life, how not to live life. Some on never missing an opportunity, some on creating your own way etc.You gotta agree that there are some thing under our control & some things totally not under our control. Can we always have a philosophy for leading life something as :

“Do your best, forget the rest or just leave it to god”
What if success is just one proactive step away?  Is it that I am quitting trying just one step lower than success? You plan every minute detail about your journey towards your destination, like how to get to your dream job, what are the specific action points in your career path? Or that fantastic lake view apartment you have always planned with your hubby. You may work towards achieving them systematically, but still sometimes you may miss getting them. Well, if every small action determines your life’s path then you got to be extra cautious in getting those smallest actions done with precision. Even the smallest detour may have significant impact, sometimes in a positive way may be. Say for example if you apply for a job vacancy out of curiosity to just find out if you have a shot at it, & surprisingly you get the job & now you are in a confused state of mind as you were actually not prepared to quit the current one.
Well friends, things do come in life quite randomly, some anticipated & some others as a surprise. You got to go with the flow. There is no need to be too much emotionally or romantically attached to things, we have come with nothing in our hands & will go the same way, everything every possession, every person we loved is gonna be left behind in the end.
Only the things we experienced in life are to be enjoyed to the fullest in their moment, the beauty of the moment is that it passes by. Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is the present, hence the name present. We may not have absolute full answers to all the questions we come across in life, but it happens that it’s not important to have the answers but it is relevant to know how to deal with those questions & this is what I think really matters.

Where will I be in 5 yrs?  Whom I gonna be married?  What are my expectations out of my partner?
How the hell to find out if I am the right or worthy guy for this girl? Questions will always be there, & then when you grow older, more questions, but the ability to handle them is what matters. You are more equipped to handle the bigger challenges as you grow older in life. Relatives & friends will always be there to guide you support you in you decisions etc. but they are not you, however closer they may be to you, they may not be able to guess your true desires & decide on your behalf on things you want in life. The ultimate decisions you take in your life should be by you alone considering the inputs from friends & relatives.  You need to control the sail of your boat of life.
Life runs on law of averages, if something bad happens, something good is also lurking around the corner. In the end its all the averages, finding your moments in small daily pleasures of life is what matter at the end as you look the big picture behind. 

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