Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fishy ideas

                     This discussion happened among a group of Five small fishes below the white round rock most popularly considered as pebble & is recorded as the most important discussion in the history of aquatic kingdom ever. Five small fishes were on way back home from school when Nemo probably the most intelligent among them started this discussion:

Nemo : Hey guys have you ever thought there could be multiple worlds out there...I mean I kind of get this weird feeling that we live in a small world called ocean, but there may be another world which we may not even know it exists.

Marvin: Yeah, we always hear that humans catch fish & in this way we loose some of our friends & relatives. They are taken to another world.

Nemo: Hey come on, this is not the world I am talking about. We know this world ...its present just right above ours & we can just see when we pop our heads up. I am talking about the world beyond our planet earth.

Tom: yeah, my grandpa was telling that earth is one of the rarest planet on which life is possible. There may be other earths which may support life.

Tim: Hey Tom I have got a question for you, did your grandpa mean there are fish on other planet similar to earth ?

Jerry: I guess so, he may have meant fish life only. Its very unlikely he may have got out from here & traveled in space & seen aquatic life there.

Ted: Also, I have heard that there are multiple stars which have planets like earth revolving around them....Ah I think ours is called solar system. I am sad about Pluto loosing its planet's status, these humans how can demote Pluto of its planet status. It's just cute.

Tim: yeah in fact this is part of our studies in next standard. My senior friend of mine was telling he went back to his class teacher to get an extra mark for his correct answer of 8 planets which was actually wrong but after humans proved that there were only 8 planets his wrong answer became right.

Nemo: hey guys!! Just imagine if we could land up in another planet's ocean.

Tom: So whats the big deal !! it would be the same .

Jerry:  no it would be different ..there may be other species.... as well as other species of fish...might be bigger in size !!! Ah, I am scared now.

Nemo: My grandpa was telling there could be collection of stars called galaxies & many galaxies exist in this world. Humans call it Universe. They are not able to come up with the theory to explain the universe still. they just make up some shit like big bang theory etc, they don't even know what happened before big bang & how the entire thing would end.

Tim: So, why have they declared themselves most intelligent beings on this planet. If they live outside water that does not mean they can declare whatever they want.

Dorothy: yeah, the theory they have come up to explain the working of the the universe is called the big bang theory which states that there was a big explosion from which all this universe began. The galaxies formed & solar system & planets like earth which can support life forms like us

Tim: Why care about it anyways we cannot get out of this water anyway, chill folks, enjoy the water !

Tom: No, its not about caring its about finding the truth. I have even heard that there are complex objects in universe like black holes, worm holes, time machines in which we can travel through time & go into past or present.

Ted: Hey thats a good one, I have a brilliant idea, if I ever get a time machine, probably I can ask my dad to buy it as a birthday gift, I am going to go to my past & reappaear my exams so that i will come first to class.

Linny, no Ted Marvin you dont get it, when you go past in time you would not know the answers that time also. Its just like first time you appear for your exam

Nemo: Ahhhhh folks folks would you stop this discussion I miss playing after school in fact I would not be part of this discussion if it was not the storm prediction this evening. guys, dont you get it !! All these are FISHY IDEAS !!  Who is up for Scrabble !

Dorothy: I have even heard that there a particular species of human being weird guy named Sunil who has authoring a book which contains ideas like this. Its an old book, but good to read though, Do you guys want to come over my home, I will read it ....you all can listen....

there is whispering heard: hope it will be as interesting & a little more complicated than our last year's nursery rhymes i suppose

As they dont have a choice all go to listen Dorthy reading the book which goes like this:

And there comes a star fish,
Star - Fish -  sorry guys i couldn;t resist & overheard this conveersation, can anyone tell me if you have ever seen a star shaped like me ?  I wonder why humans named me star fish anyway  ?

Nemo:  Oops Charles Darwin missed you, or apparently he never knew the reason while naming you !

......to be continued

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