Friday, May 6, 2011

The world through your eyes

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         Bhaiya come here look there is a snail on window sill, Pooja said to her younger brother, the evening is so nice today, yellow color everywhere, orange setting sun in the mountains, slight rain, raindrops on our window, i can touch them & so cold, there are kids playing in the first rain of the season. They are trying to make a paper boat sail in the water flowing around the house. Definitely these papers must be form their recent books, holidays time after exams for them. You know what, just like you I can imagine so much more than I can see, some where lovers must be romancing in the rain celebrating their love. Some one must have reached home in the comforts of their spouse after getting drenched in rain. 

     I know sweety, I can see that. I wish I could go out in rain so that you can never see my tears, I have always seen the world through your eyes, but have to learn to live without that after you get married & go to your new home. No doubt you are imagining yourself in those romantic moments you described about. Pooja was already blushing !  

           Yes Sister is describing the scene to her blind brother to let him see the world through her eyes. Let this post be not yet another social cause awareness tagged one. but something more, to make you seriously aware of the eye donation, Ask your doctor the easiest way to register yourself for donating your eyes so that in case of your death or family members, those eyes can enlighten a blind person's life. Help others to see the world after you have gone. Nothing will happen if we just write a post & forget about it, it takes courage to go out & spare some time out of your precious busy lives to get that eye donation registration done or say hug a tree which is being cut down. 

Just do it !  Register for eye donation today ! 
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Image - Window Rain Drops by Eric Alder
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Rachana Shakyawar said...


No wonder the thought behind the post is so sweet!! Indeed a lot we miss if our senses are not responding!!
I wished if the post was a bit more longer..yet very interestingly carved!
Thanks for sharing great thought!!
I definitely support the cause :))

~Keep the Spark ALive..

T F Carthick said...

Very nice and thoughtful.

Fatima said...

That was a wonderful cause and a beautiful post...touching!

I'm glad that I took part in Blog-o-Ton and from there I came here..I would have missed it otherwise...

Thanks a lot for sharing it :)

Take Care.

Anonymous said...

I am smiling. Have never missed your BAT posts and everytime you take up the unusual path and make me ( and dont know how many other readers) thoughtful ! I loved the concept and the way you are spreading this message .. as Rachana said , I wish it was longer too ! But let the message reach wider :)

s said...

Beautiful concept. I really wished you could have made a story out of this though :)

Someone is Special said...

Brother, a post right from your heart... Awesome thought for a noble cause my new colleague... And Is POOJA is the name you are waiting for... If it is so then I am sure you are the happiest man in this world...

I take this opportunity to thank BAT for helping me to find a great person like Sunil...

Good luck for BAT.... and ~ the pic became our.. the home became our... ~

Someone is Special

Siddhesh Kabe said...


Hafsah said...

Beautiful and touching :)!

Vinay Leo R. said...

Beautiful. I at first thought it was a small girl talking to her brother, but then, the romance part didn't make sense. At last, everything did make sense. Very nice cause!

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astrosunilnomy said...

Thanks all for the valuable time you spared on my post or blog.

@Rachana, me too felt the idea behind a post must be sweet, honest & from heart, i am having a bad cold & cough & could not think anything more than this to make a longer article/story. just nothing else flashed my mind. besides i liked to keep the blogaton entry short & sweet, it will be good if u support the cause by showing the results, i.e eye donation card with you all the time.

@The fool, first of all its weird to call by your pen name the fool, well not very thoughtful, this was the idea which came to my mind & never any other better idea struck to find better story, thanks for stopping by

@ Fatima, ya me too felt that this social cause is neglected, its actually easy to register for eye donation & donate eyes after we are gone, i don't know this cause is never encouraged as much as say blood donation etc. in fact i am thinking of putting this idea in our company intranet site.

@a dreamy gal, thanks a lot for the follow up of all my BAT posts, i am so sorry i may not have read all of yours just too busy with personal life, as soon as i get time i will make it conscious efforts to give constructive feedback for fellow bloggers, well there is nothing much to say missed it, eye donation is a cause which u will come across many a times in advertisements etc.
well my blog entries have been always that way, i wan to trigger a thought process in readers after reading the post, its always my attempt to make my posts insightful & thoughtful. couldn't think of anything more to make a story, just a scene was what i could think of amidst my ill health.

ankitminglani said...

Heyy Nice post sunil :) very touching :D but i still think you could have made it so well by writing somewhat more about pooja and her brother :D

moreover i support the cause :)

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Miss D said...

I wish this were a full-fledged story.

Very thoughtful post.

Good luck!

JamieDedes said...

Well done and heart-felt. Makes one wish for more details. Nice contribution to Blog-a-Ton. Good luck! :-)

the critics said...


the critics said...

nice thought...could have made a story to make it more effective


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