Friday, June 10, 2011

The Other Day

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One night on the middle of road

                  From past two years in my office, I go out with 5 girls for lunch, you know what…they keep boring me by talking typical ladies stuff, kitty parties, what they did with their hair, nails, rangoli, mehandi, etc etc, I am more of a geek interested in electronics & physics, turning deaf ear towards them, but still they keep exaggerating & making nice stories out of more than ordinary life situations. One day I decided to bore them too with my story & here it goes :

                Thank god, the traffic cop was not looking today, I was overtaking from left on a footpath, was in hurry to office. There are sophisticated cameras installed in Bangalore every traffic signal now, which send the number of vehicle to blackberry held by cops nearby. The other day a traffic police stopped me to check whether I was drunk. I was returning home late night, after a star party at Coorg & some sightseeing on the way back to Bangalore. It was about 1 am & I was driving at normal speeds. Since my helmet does not offer wide angle view as Sony camera’s lens, I was surprised when a traffic policeman appeared out of nowhere & asked me to stop. Since I was too afraid of traffic policeman, as they threaten to take your vehicle or ask you to pay fine for some or the other rule violated. I thought I should not stop, instead keep driving, but realized I can stop as I had not done anything wrong this time. I was so tired staying awake previous night, tried hard to remember if I had broken any traffic rule. The traffic policeman approached nearer, he had dark complexion & held a black berry in his hand just like a revolver. I was so sleepy & exhausted that I had a sort of near death experience – he was like modern Yamaraja – the god of death whose appraisal depends on the number of souls collected in the year. Well in this case the traffic cop’s appraisal depends on the number of violations he filed. Here in Bangalore it’s so easy to find one or the other person breaking traffic rule all the time, ‘Where are you coming from late this night ‘he asked in commanding tone. ‘From a trip Sir from Coorg Sir, & going to my house now Sir’ I replied bit scared. Why had you been to Coorg? & remove your helmet. I said ‘Star party Sir ‘I said adjusting my hair. That’s not the style but normal tendency after removing helmet. You tend to forget your style in such a situation. Probably he was angry with this & asked What kind of party is that ?  Show me your license & have you taken drinks? No Sir, I don’t drink, & whispered that not lucky to be born to rich parents. Star party is one where sky watching enthusiasts hang out with telescopes etc watching the interesting things in sky. He returned the license & said “you don’t seem like rich dad’s spoilt kid, but why take the risk of returning alone late this night, we have so many complaints that people are robbed on road etc”. ‘Oh ok Sir, I will take care of your advice ’What do you do at a star party & what’s the deal about your parents ? Oh nothing Sir, I meant if my dad had more money I could enjoy luxury of drinking etc Sir, not that I want to, but just simply said. Look at you, driving a 220cc high end bike at this young age you can earn handful of money , you are tall & smart. You must earn money & fulfill your dreams Why blame your parents for this ? Would you be the same guy – nature & personality if your parents had a lot of money?  I wondered, that’s what ! I don’t want to be this guy, I want to be rich, instead of driving a bike, I could drive a BMW or Audi. middle class sucks dude -  I wanted to tell, but did not. “No Sir I meant if my parents had more money things would have easier achieve in life we aspired for, you know, you can enjoy life, not caring about optimizing on everything you spend. I am a software developer , the software I write goes into the Audi A4 car, controlling it’s engine, see the irony no way I can afford Audi A4 costing about 40 lakhs. So, star party is one in which you look at stars? Actually Sir, we look at everything except stars. Stars just act as guide to locate the interested objects. We look at objects through telescope like planets, galaxies, comets, nebula etc. its just people interested in photography , optics physics etc gettogether to look at objects we see in internet through hubble telescope or something. We are from club called Bangalore Astronomical Society. I held my BAS club ID card proudly as if it was ID card of Harvard or Princeton & showed him. So a star party is totally opposite of normal party, where people get drunk & loose their sense & fool around, we stay alert & strain our eyes all night long to look at some of the faint objects million of light years away through telescopes. He seemed fascinated by this & asked but why did you go to Coorg to sky watch? “Normally city’s light pollution is so severe that we can just see a couple of stars through naked eyes” -  I replied . We need very dark skies to see very faint & very far objects”.  We went to coffee estate far away from city lights. Strange isn’t it how come you can talk to a stranger that too cop about philosophy & astronomy, both unusual subjects.

           Ya I succeeded in boring all girls, then they started, you know what…we went Wonderla this weekend & the new color plus summer shades look I am going with my hubby this weekend !  “Do they have in lavender & is it on discount”  Seeing the surprised look on their faces I instantly said  “Come on, Why should girls have all the fun? ” 
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Someone is Special said...

"come on, why girls should have all the fun".. nice post Sunil.... Wanna know what happened the other


Someone is Special

Aashish Sood said...

“Come on, Why should girls have all the fun? ” touche... Nice narrative but got a bit too long towards the end... and somehow the white on bluish grey was a bit jarring on eyes


Read mine at The Other Day

Sureindran said...

You are absolutely right about how boring a girl talk can be. A well written post, not boring at all. Good job mate!

Sureindran - The Other Day

D2 said...

Not bad at all. Girls should definitely not have all the fun!
All the best for BAT.

the critics said...


aativas said...

Interesting...not at all boaring.
Just a suggestion for your consideration -if you make paragraphs, that makes easy read.

aativas said...

Interesting...not at all boaring.
Just a suggestion for your consideration -if you make paragraphs, that makes easy read.

Viyoma said...

Something different! Like it.

ATB for BAT- 21

Nikhil Patokar said...

a bit of suspense would have helped :)


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