Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Common-man & his Superpower

     With so many superhero movies, He-man, Superman, Spiderman, Ironman, Hanu-man, (these English channels pronounce Hanuman as Hunu-man) & noe the avengers which includes many super heroes, I felt kind of lonely, it made me wonder, who am I ?  Is there a superpower I may posses, perhaps unknowingly ? Can I describe myself completely when I say - I am common man. Does this definition encapsulate my personality, attitude towards life etc completely?  What is my character, my personality in comparison to these heroes ? Yes I am a common-man, although it rhymes with all super hero names, common man is just yet any man, you see in a crowd & pick anyone & define him, this definition totally explains me, & yet I once discovered my super power too - Its adjustment in life. Especially Indians get adjusted to anything & everything, that probably comes in their blood or learnt from parents. So I wonder sometimes, Is this adjusting attitude a kind of superpower?  On one hand it makes life easier & probably happier depending on the extent of enjoying on the compromised things. A typical common man optimizes on everything, on every thing he purchases, he worries about inflation, savings etc, going green is added now. Common man's life is synonym to simplicity, with no glam sham. Indians adjust on anything & everything. We many sometimes take it by default that we need to adjust on a particular issue without even consciously trying to be idealistic about our expectations. Indian standard time is always an offset ahead of the correct time. Official meeting happen late than scheduled time. Doctors make their patients wait after giving an appointment time. In Bangalore 'Swalpa adjust maadi' has become so common phrase meaning adjust little bit. The transport system runs late by default, say a govt bus arrives after exactly after half an hour of its scheduled departure time. People stand on the bus door with just one foot & hand inside, the trains are always crowded, even there was an instance when pilot allowed a kid inside cockpit.        

        I always wanted to be someone special, the monk who sold his Ferrari or the guy who purchased it. On the fantasy side, I don't know I always wanted to be Spider-man, just loved the pleasant & wonderful character in the movie.

The pic is from the movie- A Wednesday, amazing movie based on the concept of common man becoming furious & taking some action against terrorism. 

Shah: Mene Kaha Naa I Am Just The Stupid Common Man

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