Friday, April 11, 2014

Set of 5 stories - 55 fiction -Season - 1

1. The need
Being a salesman, he went in search of durable & tough shoes from shop to shop, as his job would make them worn out soon. On his way back home he saw a beggar with torn sandals. He felt sad & gave his new shoes to him as thinking that he needed them the most.

P.S: Apart form the idea in the story, many a times we shop for things which we really don’t need. Donate generously the old things you don’t need. May be it will reach a person who is really in need of them.

2. The same old story.
"Hey, tell the story of how we met at first. I love the way you tell" asked wife to her hubby.
"How often do you wanna listen to the same old story?"
"I'm 70 yrs old & keep forgetting things”
“Eh, how come you never forget that you have a memory loss? Anyway here it goes...”

P.S : We dream of spending great time with our spouse on great vacation or movie or some outside country trip. But we rarely imagine a scene where we are just comfortable in old age in the company of our spouse in the coziness of our home. 

3. The Dilemma 
He was trembling with fear, thinking of reasons to avoid the situation. His wife would finally discover the truth which he has hid since many years. He was not concerned about the problem. He wondered if it was more than it appeared. Then the doctor came in & said "Come on, Step on the weighing machine"

4. The care
The small white one got scared seeing a big thing in Pooja's hand, but felt relief when it found that it looked similar. It was big & had a shiny leg. The small one couldn't see the sky as that thing was all above it. Pooja's mom called 'It will rain, Stop playing with mushrooms & come inside'

5. The promise
“Dad you promised me sweets today!” said the little one. “Yeah, I know son the store was closed today, and they had cleaned everything for tomorrow’s festival, not even bits & pieces were seen. Tomorrow I'll get you, big pieces of Laddu, barfi & all that I can carry on my head ”said the father ant.

Note: Please click on the label to read more of my 55 fiction stories. Happy reading. 


Jyotsna Bhatia said...

Loved all of them !! Wonderfully written :)

astrosunilnomy said...

Thanks Jyotsna, glad that you liked reading them.


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