Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So long & thanks for all the mystery !!

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God is like a magician. In a magic trick say for e.g. named something pretty as ‘The vanishing elephant’, the magician shows an elephant on stage. The audience is wondering how could possibly the elephant disappear when their sense of sight is confirming fully on the presence of elephant. The magician covers a black cloth or something which possibly & intently diverts the attention, not letting go of the attention of the presence of elephant though & removes the black cloth & the elephant is disappeared. Though quite amazed in a refusal to believe their senses the audience wouldn’t clap because it’s not enough to make the elephant disappear. He has to bring it back. He covers the cloth & elephant reappears & the audience is truly amazed seeing the elephant back same time wondering how can he possibly do that? God is just like this magician or bigger magician than him & knows all the tricks & never ever reveals his tricks because if he does, his importance would vanish away in the story of universe. Our universe is just like this elephant except for the fact that we & our consciousness are an integral part of this universe. The god makes the disappearing & reappearance of the elephant can be compared to the non existence & existence of the universe. The eyes see it the ears hear it & the mind believes it. God uses this covering of a black cloth as a means of misdirection to just bring about a change in the scenario i.e. the presence of the elephant. Our consciousness is the audience which believes whatever is the conclusion of the processing of the information by sense organs. The universe merely exists as a collection of concepts as understood by our brain. A set of theories put forth by physicians which mind accepts & believes in it without a choice. A collection of facts & figures which the human mind tends to believe. Just like the black cloth we are blindfolded from the truth by engaging us in exploring the things which are too complex for human intelligence. Cataloging the stars, galaxies etc would never come to an end as there is simply infinite number of them. Solving the equations with assumptions made for them experimenting the conclusions putting forth high fundamental theories would never come to an end. Exploring the micro world of atoms & molecules will never lead us to the absolute truth. This is a world pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. A truth so vague like this the elephant is truly present or truly absent in the first place itself. What importance the first place has when the magician performs this trick multiple times. And the audience stress their mind to explore the trick & probably some of them may ask the magician in person. But the magician would not simply tell the truth because his purpose & ofcourse his business is gone if he reveals the trick. Instead he successfully misdirects them think about the covering black cloth & this is the exact situation the mankind is today struggling hard to find the way universe works.

It has been said that something as small the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world ….Chaos theory

Universe can be considered as a chaos, where things happen in random probably not following any laws or almost all following physical laws except with exceptions like black hole etc where the known laws of physics break down.

Indeed true…everything in the universe happens as per the physical laws the laws that were formed in beginning of time. Even the entropy increases at increasing rate this also follows all the laws. They may be complex enough because human mind may not be capable of accounting for all the parameters involved in it, same may be the case with super computers. Probably our brain may evolve to the extent of processing speed of supercomputer but that’s not gonna happen now as we already have super computers, so there is no need for the brain to run anyways !

Our universe is 13.7 billon years old…what do I make of the universe ? A great sense of mystery…a truth so magnificent & so profound yet so obscure. I still make the same sense of mystery which the stone age man could have made. With all this intelligence understanding gathered over ages contributions from intellectual minds in science & philosophy..still I don’t understand the universe. I am driven by the void desperate feeling seeking answers to the mysteries of universe but cannot help in anyway coz I am lost completely in the fabric of consciousness which is supposedly made up not to discover the ultimate truth.

Or perhaps not so easily & soon. . We have come a long way ahead in scientific & technological terms but yet so little we know how universe operates?

The vastness of the space itself behaves like a time machine which allows us to see the past. Our sun we look at is 8 minutes older as light from sun takes that time to reach uslight rays from distant galaxies etc are in their path reaching our telescopes still. When they reach a new object is discovered which you can probably name after your sweet heart. That object may be there or may have vanished in the cosmic evolution by now.

Monday, May 4, 2009

A never ending story….

     I have always loved ice cream, though not tasted all the flavors, probably because I always end up with having butterscotch as this is my favorite. I never visited ice cream parlor exclusively to eat one, but it happened on one pleasant evening, I was once hanging out with a couple of friends in an ice cream parlor….One of the modern, colorful one, with background music & stuff you know so that they can overprice the menu owing to all the nice ambience...just like CCD's which I think are too show-off as what’s there in a Rs80 or Rs100 coffee? Do they put gold & silver powder in it? I think you can visit sometimes when you are pretty sure if something could happen over a coffee, may be when your astrologer has told that you would meet your special someone soon or something like that, as their punch line says ‘a lot can happen over a coffee’....I would be rather happy if ‘kuch kuch ho gaya’ rather than ‘bahut kuch ho sakta hai’ . Yeah, Hindi movies really liberate us!!

So, coming to my story, there I was in the ice cream parlor. We sat next to a table occupied by bunch of girls of almost same age group as ours I suppose. I sat besides a girl whom I could make out was very pretty by just observing her head from backside..Oh yes we had gained this expertise or intuition by improving on our observational skills on girls over a long period of time. Though not intentional, I could overhear her sweet voice, she was telling to her friend that she was not ready for it yet, there are signs everywhere & she is looking for them to find the one meant for her. I could instantly figure out that she was talking about soul mate. Well, I have myself believed in soul mate funda, you start to believe in such things when you remain single for many years hoping that the right one will come along soon. I have felt “she is the one” kind of feeling for at least four girls I ran across in my life. And because of this number, the faith in this idea was dwindling away. All of a sudden, I gathered courage & turned around & asked her,” Can you tell me what time it is”? She looked at me & as I looked into her green eyes & realized she was the most beautiful person I have ever seen. She was just perfect with that smile, simple yet so charming face with open hair, that moment took my breadth away. Most of the girls would give a plain or angry look when strangers asked this question. But probably owing to my polite voice, fortunately I received a sweet smiling look. “There is a clock on wall right in front of you & don’t you have a mobile?” she said smilingly looking at my wrist ensuring that I did not wear a watch. I instantly replied that “I felt time stopped after seeing you….you are so beautiful” & just was checking the same. Wow!! That was pretty nice! Probably the most romantic thing I ever came up.
          ”Well thanks, its 6 0 clocks & time’s still running, probably I am not that beautiful” she replied again with her cute smile. “Hey all that sign stuff, is it a religious thing or you started believing after feeling it somewhere, sometime !! ? “Do you often hear to other people's conversations”? She asked pleasantly. “Why do you want to know? “I just thought this was too deep in a place like this. I have had this feeling of soul mate couple of times before & now I don’t believe in it too much. “Oh! that’s bad, Well it was not a true feeling then” she said. By this time our friends had noticed us & let us free to talk, without interrupting. She further explained that she believed our destiny was already decided & we have to just read the signs for it.” I happen to think there is an explanation beyond every reason, beyond logic that brought you here besides me...the exact day & time when I dropped at this place having wonderful time with you”!! From the blank look on my face she asked “you don’t believe in all this, do you?” I said “There is no master plan as it would be too complex as it will involve so many people”. She asked “Was it not fate that you were sitting in this chair besides me?” I said “No, this was no fate, this was just the fun to have ice cream that brought us both here” & I asked why would fate take all this trouble? “So that I can eat ice cream next time with you” came the reply. Sure, shall we sneak out for some fresh air? I realized the feeling when I said the word ‘both’, that there a special connection between us. I knew she was the one, though I felt she was way out of league for me, but I held onto “both being perfect is not important in a relationship, being perfect for each other is the one that really matters!! She seemed like an angel just placed on earth for me & it was wonderful to believe that I was her angel. She agreed, as she was beginning to enjoy us being together i suppose. This was so filmy you know like a guy meets a girl in a bar & they wake up in bed the next morning, except we ended up in true love. As we walked, we talked a lot about these soul mate stuff, likes dislikes of each other & found so much similarity in our life styles, until the end of the road, where we could see the setting sun. With great courage I held her hand & this was the most wonderful thing ever occurred to me for I knew exactly what I needed in life, I needed her!! I felt, that she was the one for me though I knew nothing about her just like seeing a signboard in her hands saying soul mate, it’s these little abstract beliefs that matter the most when you are in love with someone & keep you bounded. You just tend to go with the flow. The time spent was like a short moment, hoping the sun to take a little longer to set. It’s not the ice creams that brought us together, but the melting of hearts…in the warmth of one another. She said “So, aren’t you going to ask me out again?” I would love to…just was wondering about your reply, She said “I would love to meet you again”. That gave me relief, so can we meet at this place again? Sure, here I shall write my number, she started writing in my palm. I could feel the tickling & suddenly I heard the voice of my friend “saale uth jaa be …saala din mein bhi itna soota hai !!. I immediately saw my palm & there was nothing on it!! Yes, I was awake from my dream & now I was so upset that this all was a dream. I wondered if I had slept a couple of seconds more I could have got her number & her name!! At least possibly could call her in next time I dreamt about her in the dream world. So, there she was just a dream girl in a dream world. The only regret is, I did not kiss her goodbye before I was awake. Now often I insist on visiting ice cream parlors hoping I may run across that girl in my dreams!! Probably I may meet her again in a day dream itself I suppose!! It’s so wonderful, isn’t it? Bits & pieces of aspirations orchestrated so nicely to form a beautiful dream that I wish could have been a reality.
Someday sometime you will be mine baby !!
Some where sometime I will meet you baby !!

Kitne door door ho un dono ke rasate...
mil jaate hai jo bane ek duje ke vaaste...ek duje ke vaaste....
haqeeqat mein na mile to na sahi, sapane mein he sahi....
someone somewhere is made for u....


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