Monday, August 30, 2010


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Complete Automation in automotive engineering:
Accident free traffic….by entering the source & destination of the travel all the vehicles must automatically optimize their routes & drive themselves to destination with artificial intelligence so that there can be no accidents. Also multistoried roads can be built for areas which are having higher traffic.

Doctor IC:
A device similar to cell phone which monitors health parameters like blood pressure, sugar levels, etc it can be enhanced to accommodate more health parameters. Should be able to diagnose health issues & recommend the medicine as entered by your family doctor. This would be first line of support similar to first aid.

A handheld device giving access to all kinds of information anytime anywhere for everyone..probably connect to internet !!

Cycles running on solar energy. A solar panel installed at home charges the battery fitted in cycle. If this battery runs low we can peddle to commute on the cycle.

Clothes which change color depending on our choice…

Innovation in storing & transporting electricity at minimal losses.

To device to archive my thoughts i.e facts & figures in my personal PC, which I tend to forget usually & access it when required in future….

Economical solar panels on roof top of every house generating electricity for daily usage

Huge solar panels around the sun…wirelessly transmitting energy back to earth…


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

u taught me love :-)

thought_behind_quote  : zinda rehte hain unke Mohobatein

PS: this is one of my favorite instrumental.

Silence as an expression of love !

thought_behind_quote. We don't need to say I love you everyday , its so obvious that we love someone more than anything else.

PS: This is the first one in the series 'quote_in_pic' - something i invented. A picture is worth a million words. This is the inspiration behind this idea.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A ripple of consciousness !

A tribute to all the small insignificant things in life that bring joy ! 

Swinging in the rhythm of life
A burning desire in the prison of lantern resembling life.
The chirping of birds returning their nests
A dried leaf floating in the random wind
without knowing its destiny or purpose
The light fragrance of the white jasmine 
So pure, so serene & happening n so effortlessly  
A withering petal, half brown & half pink
A log floating in the stream, going with the water
Seems like my destiny freely floating in the waves of life
The flickering of street light outside my window
the thunder & then the silence before the storm
the reminiscence of childhood
a feeling of childhood joy rescued from oblivion
never ending wait for the sheer bliss of living
waiting for the return of shot from the catapult of life
a careless walk in beige dried grass
an unwilling attempt to embrace the destiny
to live the life the way it comes      
has life lost its sheen ?
a green blade of grass shining in the sun,
a small bean trying putting its head out & get the first glimpse of the world.
A millipede with its numerous legs, crossing the street. 
An extinct sparrow returned with its chirp to wake me up.
Reminding me of the beautiful world out there
Apart from being just plugged into the wall
Taking a break from the normal windows desktop of landscape
and resting my eyes on the actual one from outside my window.
bringing a great sense of belonging with the nature deep within.
quintessence of living is long forgotten luxury  
an effortless attempt to understand the intangible universe
the line of ants passing by, with tiny bits of food in their mouth
storing for the harsh winter.  
a snail making up slowly, unaware of its speed
escaping into its shell, sensing any danger, pretending to be safe inside.  
a sea shell lying on the shore, a twisted spiral
A million sparkles reflected on ocean water by setting sun
A tendril hoping to coil around the stem.
A mushroom waiting to stretch itself from the moist log.
A honey bee, working hard as usual visiting various flowers,
Collecting honey from those millions of flowers,
Unaware of the probability of that it may be stolen.
Strange is the evolution which has imparted intelligence
the necessity of hexagonal honey comb  
Admist all these bizarre thoughts
A desperate wait for someone special never ends,
Wishing the centrifugal force of my desire be stronger
than the centripetal force of obligation
For once I would like to take a daring tangential leap
Breaking the circling around along the path set by life’s destiny
For once gathering courage to take a leap of faith,
to be free form regret of not attempting even once.
As a feeble photon travelling from a millions of light years
from unknown abyss of space & time hits the eye
mind rejoices in the realization that we are insignificant as a particle of dust.
A destiny reluctant to reveal more than one page at once.
A falling star seen across the sky
I don’t know what to wish for
I only wish to convey gratitude to the creator, sustainer & destroyer.
Stretched hands feeling the ocean breeze
Seemingly flying in the bliss of sight of horizon of water & sky
Glancing at the cloud passing by,
feeling the tender kiss of first rain drops on the cheek
The cold waves touching the feet
like arms of the sea trying to embrace me in it’s abode
as I let go off the notion of reality, the modern world around me
I feel as light as rain, as white as snow
To connect with the nature in its true form,
& rejoice in the very existence & wonderment about oneself
For I am the one of the nature’s most beautiful creations
I am just a ripple of consciousness of someone somewhere 
in the mysterious fabric of space & time

PS: This is not exactly a poem, or may be a poem in its nascent stage, raw, thought to post it same way, no refinement! just a collection of raw abstract bizarre thoughts ran across my mind when looked through my window ! 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Goodbye 2

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     This was my old post, shamelessly posting it again as i think i get less attention or appreciations compared to the hard work which goes behind writing. Enjoy reading anyway !

It was the time for our last Goodbye :-( 

As she disconnected from me 
without telling a reason,
without a hint of what went wrong
Leaving me bewildered & wondering in agony

I was sure we could work things out
whatever they were, with minor adjustments
I could change myself completely for her
I could have gone extra miles for setting things right
As I always knew I was not the perfect one for her

But I knew deep within, that this was not the reason,
a reason she preferred not to reveal
But I know for sure there was some other reason
a reason beyond my awareness,
a reason she never wanted me to know

I knew without a doubt that she could never be unfaithful
just fighting hard to accept her destiny as mine.   
probably it was an obligation
a compromise included in her destiny
But I know she could never have never been unfaithful to me

As she went ahead
She turned to look at me one last time
With tears in her eyes, & a trembling smile
Telling the obvious truth
It was not her choice to depart
But the result of embracing her destiny
I wish I could her hug her for one last time
as she kissed goodbye from a distance apart

For the miles we walked together seemed infinitesimally small
there was still a long way ahead, in the wonderland of our dreams
in the beautiful & abundant life
in the life awaiting to make our dreams come true

My heart was sealed for her
I thought of none except her
The faith & trust which kept our love alive
I know, i can never love anyone that way
As our love was most pure & eternal

With her gone & with unwilling desire to move on
I just have one small wish left.
I just wish her pain reduces
Suppressing the wish, she could be mine again
to live the promises we made long before
which seem to now disappear in vain

I know you will not return baby
I know we can never be together again
But I will keep waiting for you now & for ever
You can find me at cross roads where we separated
I will be there until the end of time waiting for you to return
Coz that’s the only thing which makes sense
In this life which is meaningless without you.

I know you can never be mine
Still I refuse to accept this reality
For what’s left after this
Is a sense of void without even a silly hope of your return?

The last flower from you will wither in my book
though the memories of our time together will remain afresh in my heart
there is nothing other than memories to move on in life
rather feels to move backward to relive the moments we were together.
Just once again.

I feel so cold inside
Missing all the warmth of love & care within
For there are only memories to recall
The ones to cherish for the remaining lifetime

Sometime’s life is bit unfair
Depriving small aspirations too,
For all the love we shared , I think destiny was more than generous
But this is just not the way I wanted it to end

I wish she could be mine forever,
Hopefully I could run into her in next lifetime
Hope she recognizes me then
For I will the same as I am now
Her mad lover boy. 
Loving her more than anything else.
I will miss you deeply, deep within my hearts

Amidst all these thoughts, as I realize the obvious truth
I feel a sense a soothing, a relaxed breadth in eternal bliss
For I know for sure that our destiny is not written separately
within no time, we shall be together
high up in the sky, just like a binary star
I will be yours & you will be mine

Pyar ke rahon mein chalna tumne sikhaya....
Pyar ke haseen ehsaason ke sapne sajana tumne sikhaya....
Zindagi ke najane kis ajeeb mod pe, jab tum chal diye apne raaste, tanha hum reh gaye...
Tere intezaar mein hum khade hai unhe raahon mein, jahan hum judaa ho gaye.....
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Goodbye 1

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 13; the thirteenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Dil chahta hai ....a kind of summer of 69’

             How often we miss the good old days of our college & hostel life, we always feel to return to that life, at-least we find pleasure in telling to friends some memories we remember. I had never stayed outside my home before moving to the hostel of SDM college of Engineering, Dharwad. This rhymed poorly with Havard, & we shamelessly took pride to quote: 'Rejected Harvard to study at Dharwad'. As usual it was ragging & introductions with seniors in initial days at hostel & college, (Thanks to ragging in a way which made us friendly with some good seniors whose advice & help has helped us in long run). It was really nice being ragged by senior girls though, kind of gave a gentle kick. Then there was anti ragging committee formed, they were the ones who ragged, the best way to deceive the hostel warden. It was always tough to find time to study amidst all the hostel life fun. We were like the birds freed from the cage called parents & home, just trying to find wings - trying to explore many things which were actually fun, which essentially included bunking classes. They some scrap fellow came up with the idea of shortage of attendance. Now we had to be very calculative about bunking classes. 
       Elec & Commnc  branch - huge strength & we really had to do lot of work to score decent marks. Internal marks were always tough to get. There were assignments & practicals, they screwed if our outcome varied by just millivolts. Our marks were determined by the trajectory in the V-I (Voltage- current) characteristics on graph. We were interested in other curves rather than these curves. There were like millions of theory classes, loads of copying assignments(later in life in software job, we do this in more sophisticated way CTRl+ C/CTRL+V), getting photocopies of notes, labs & meddling with CRO -cathode ray scope to get the desired output. Many a times the fresh fragrance of books were felt only just before the exam. We realized the value of time just before a day of exam always, only to forget it again soon. 8085 microprocessor practicals - consisted of keying in like over 20 opcodes to do just simple addition. This was more efforts than LKG when i used to add using the fingers on my hang & leg in less than a  minute. Engg Graphics class consisted of something like imagining a line parallel to one plane may or may not be available in true length in another plane. What the hell ? it was so easy to imagine to sit in last bench & imagine & fantasize the most beautiful girl hanging out with me although it was so unlikely, these technical concept more than being likely, i.e being a reality were so hard to imagine. How the hell to imagine the transistor amplifies the current on which the whole electronics industry is based. Very tough subjects like Signals & Systems or Fields & waves only myself & God knew the way i understood things & managed to clear the exam, now only God knows. 
              Hostel had a central open roof ground in middle surrounded by rooms on all sides. Palm tennis is patented game of SDM college. Tennis court instead of racket we used our palms to hit the ball. there were few who were so crazy about this game that they even bunked classes to play. It was the time when desktop PC's became affordable for students students, & we found new way to have fun, may it be movies of any kind if you can understand what I mean. On a Sunday when there is no internal on Monday, one random guy would be glued in front of PCs, would get up late afternoon, exclaiming: Neough of studying !  kidding,  Enough, had overdose of porn, need to get a life !  All learnt the 'F' word & started to find it's usage in almost all the things may it be good or bad. I used it in my welding class for the first time that too in front of Sir. They give welding shield which protects our eyes as we should not stare directly at the flame. As I held it came out the expression owing to overdose of seeing Hollywood flicks & chicks : What the fuck ? nothing is visible neither the tip of wire nor the metal joint to be welded. 
        It's very surprising how varied personalities came under common culture called SDM. There are so many humorous moments i can recall, many more are forgotten though. There was a guy- Raj who used to sing Sonu Nigam's song all the time. By default everyone became bathroom singers as couple of bathroom doors would never get latched & you have to sing to indicate your presence inside. Thilak, who kept track of all things happening around him, just didn't mind interrupting you whenever he could making some scrap joke all the time. Sachin, whose room was such a mess, heaps of clothes lying around, not washed since ages, so bindhaas that just wear some jeans & hang out, all jeans looked exact similar & were originally had look to look very dirty. thats the most innovative way to make appear clean all the time. He found something he intended in this mess so easily, that it made my efforts of organizing things seem waste. If we are organized, after a while we may forget where did we keep a particular thing. but if its a mess, then that thing is definitely there in that heap. Then there was Pai, my friend, philosopher & misguide, who ate equal to ten people's share, i always wondered how come he so slim. Then there were good guys who used to simply mug up things & get highest in exams. There was a guy who used to overact just like our Bollywood actors we named him 'extra' for that. One guy used to apply Vibhuti on his forehead & I found him visiting some nearby temple all the time. There were few guys who kept talking all the time, just wished promptly good morning afternoon & evening just dropping in all the rooms. There were couple of them whom were silent most of the time but very strong personalities within. By final year we had finished all scoldings in English & Hindi unclassified dictionary that we had to come to common understanding that 'huchha' was supposed to be very high intensity scolding. But all this meant was 'mad' in Kannada. There were many humorous ideas like gifting a condom on someone's birthday & birthday bumps left a bad ache on the birthday boy. Holi was just tearing of shirts & making one unrecognizable by applying all the color all over. Then there was a malfunctioning phone, put a rupee coin & speak unlimited to impress your girl friend in hostel in same campus. Then, there were small fights and big fights among groups formed for some or the other reason like hitting on a girl, who was supposedly someone's girl friend etc. Once a guy washed another's underwear by mistake as it had same color & came & asked is this yours in room full of ten people. Next day was his photo on notice board with a quote : Get your underwear washed for free. We had cultural event called 'Fantasia' in which the participants from various engineering college in the state took part & it was a whole lot of fun. This also gave a chance to hit on other college girls as the saying goes, girls in neighboring college are always prettier & believe me it's true.  I played various roles in the 'mad adds' event naming a cycle brand as 'Max Climax' - condom brand for cycle ! Thanks to this esteemed opportunity which got me on stage first time in life for such a prank -selling a condom named cycle. Thanks to girl's hostel being nearby many found their love apart from completing their education, many hearts broke as well. Though we did not have a convocation for graduation day with black coats & hat throwing etc, I feel very honored to be awarded the title 'SCHOLAR' by some random guy in hostel which in short meant an intellectual person. I felt overwhelmed when the title was prefixed with common words 'Saala kamina Kutta Gomse Scholar hai be'. This was more prestigious to me rather than engineering degree score which was just a normal first class. I must admit I was never interested in Electronics field & never understood how that works, but this came with many many lessons in life. so much fun & so much insight into oneself. Life always teaches the lessons you never want to learn anyway. Then there were all kind of professors, strict, expert, kanjoos to give marks & always angry ones. All the scholars from hostel dropped in when it was the pretty mam's class & there was no place to sit. Overall, College & hostel life were great. The benches were filled in FILB - first in last bench order though we found that this order is not followed anywhere in our operating systems subject later. I became friends with all kinds of people, so diverse characters, yet special in some way, got to learn so many things from everybody, got to know the value of everything in life. Indeed life is all about learning, Isn’t it ? 
      The last semester was more emotional- atyachaar sort of painful, all guys learnt to drink & becoming all senti that they are going to miss each other's company. It’s more than 5 yrs now, all have moved on in their lives, taken their own trajectories. As I recall the sad moments when we had to depart from hostel, college the last goodbye was so painful, with a false promise that we are going to be in touch in life anyway. Wish I could run across you all guys & gals at some point in life & sit & share the fun we once had, just recall & relive the moments. Wish we could have a grand reunion in college campus sometime, but that's not gonna happen. Many friends are settled abroad. We once rocked the world…it was a kind of summer of 69’ those were the best days of my life!  I keep in touch with many through Orkut, Facebook, but days go by without even signing in leave out checking updates about all friends. 
   I want return to that Sid & tell sorry for hurting his feelings, tell thanks to Sameer for being there all the time, and Shalini to express my love. wait a sec, Shalini was that hot chick.Ah, it's been so long since I fantasized about her. Dude, she was awesomely hot ! 

    Strange isn't it, the irony of life, when we didn't have money we had all the company of friends & time to chill out, enjoy. Now we have money & working in a company, but no one has the time to share that chilled beer ! 
 This pic was of my seniors room, BTW we had strict NO for eatables & drinks in hostel, we assumed drinks meant Pepsi & cola. We were grown boys, No one needs to tell us to take a chill pill. We drink chilled beer all the time. 

But seriously folks, I miss the Sameer, Sid & Shalini, shalini a bit more of course, & how can I forget my love, my only love, I guess not one sided love. Wish I could gather the courage to tell her just once that she looked so pretty and I am madly in love with her. Probably she would have said that she too loves me. 
 Hum CRO mein waveform ko nachate rahe, aur zindagi humko nachate rahe ! 
      Aur najanae kab yun he chaar saal guzar gaye !  
Seriously miss those moments of highest levels of Awesomeness in life !     

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