Here is the complete collection of my one liners which made it to facebook & twitter. Totally my work & any Similarity with any quotes is purely coincidental.  
Nothing is pure in this Kalyug, even silicon needs to be doped to work ! (to work as semiconductor, silicon needs to be impure - entire electronics industry is based on this ! )

Ours was a not a love at first sight, but a small dose of love at every sight thereafter.

Everything must be relative, but love is absolute. 

I never missed you anyway, as you were just a thought away.

It happens only in movies, but also sometimes in life.

I do not have to say I love you, you understand my silence better than my words.

Once I went to the edge of the space & found more & more space. 

Just enjoy the flow ! don't get attached to things 

My dentist said I have vital tooth & I thought I was unimportant till now! 

Sometimes the longest journey to be travelled is the distance back home ! ..

I miss u, I still love u & I forgive u......probably the most difficult words to say together

Sometimes you need to let go off things like the falling leaf in autumn & sometimes you need to hold onto things like the anchor of the ship.

At the cross roads of life, my gut feeling said to take a left. Hence I took a right :-)

One must have the ability or keen mindset to choose between things which are good & very good, this is what makes life good or Awesome 

The reality of the universe lies in the eyes of the beholder !

Why does destiny makes life tougher ?

Dear AllGirls, How can u call your chappals as flipflops ! We represent a vital component in electronics industry Regards, RS,JK, D, T flipflops !
Saara asmaan mera hai, the whole sky is mine !

I am crazy, My DNA must be turned & twisted like no one else !

Jai ho corruption ! i want to be corrupt, feels being left out being honest.

I love the sight of deep blue sky, scattered with stars....it just reflects my own consciousness scattered with thoughts trying to understand life, universe & everything else...

Does anyone know the monk who sold his Ferrai or the guy who purchased it? I jus needed for a couple of days, while i can still afford the petrol/diesel prices. 

What is the significance of Ram when there is no Ravan ? What is the meaning of happiness when there is no sorrow? What is the meaning of existence of universe in a scenario where universe does not exist ?


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