Saturday, September 1, 2012

The ant story

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       An ant had lost his way. Apparently he was too cool to follow the line ahead of him, singing under the hot sun, in winter. He wandered & wandered, but all the places around seemed the same. He began to worry about never reaching home also realized that his family & friends would be equally worried too as the dark night came to threaten. He found a weird looking bug with giant legs, politely asked for directions to  its home describing the brown long anthill, but the bug knew nothing. The bug told him to hop on him & he would run around faster so that they can find the anthill soon. It was getting darker & they were loosing sight. They met a firefly & requested to light their path in their search. The firefly flew illuminating the path & bug ran with ant on its back as fast as it could. Finally they found the anthill & the ant told a million thanks for helping it reach safely. At home, it's friends & relatives felt a sigh of relief that it has returned safely. The ant's mother thanked the strangers in the night for bringing her son back to home. 

       The Physiatrist told this story to a new batch of people at a rehab center for drugs & told this was the story of the ant, just think of yourself as ant for a while & slammed the door behind him.

P.S : No matter how lost you are in your life, there are always some angels to guide your way to normalcy. Well there can be some signs or may be stranger who may come to our rescue, to rescue us from the depths of hell to state where we can be at peace with ourselves. May be god sends them to help you find your way back home.
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