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             Welcome to my Blog, have a nice time reading, your comments are really important, Please do leave a comment/feedback/opinion - what thoughts it triggered in you. This is my only inspiration to write more & better. Albert Einstein said there are only two ways to live life, One is as though nothing is a miracle & other is as though everything is a miracle. This blog is about the latter :  It's about astronomy, the pleasure hidden in exploring the mysteries of Cosmos , some movie reviews which I have liked the most, insights about life, poetry, short stories, philosophy etc. 

Disclaimer : All stuff here is mine, except for the pics taken from net. If anyone has an issue, please let me know & I shall remove the same.  Any resemblance to  real things is purely coincidental. 


About me : 

Sunil a.k.a astrosunilnomy, indicates I am into astronomy or rather astronomy is within me :-) 
           I don't have opinion about anything & everything. I am not yet another guy telling the same story in another way, but I am a weird guy telling a new story in a new way. I write on specific topics as indicated by labels, If you liked my blog or didn't like it, have a suggestion, query or just wanna tell something to me, I am reachable at

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Actually, I am very popular in Germany, where they have named a soap powder after me. I am just a household name there ! 


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