Thursday, August 20, 2020

Set of 5 stories - 55 Fiction, Season - 2

 1. Move on with memories.

His eyes were wet signing the sale agreement of his home that was no longer needed, as he had moved to the town. As he closed the door to lock, he saw image of his parents in the empty house & recalled his dad used to tell to move on in life, no matter what happens.

P.S: Life moves on no matter what. Time heals things.

2. A new chapter 

Finally I spoke to her on the last day of college in library. I had seen her everywhere in class, canteen, gym etc. I asked: Do you get this strange feeling of missing these books, even though you were never excited to read them in the first place? Hey, Can we be friends? She replied: Glad that you asked, Sure!

P.S: Some good things have to end to give way for the better things in life.

3. The speaking tree

“You don't belong here, how come you are here?”, asked the saint to the tree, seeing it was a very unusual. The tree said “probably I am not from here. A comet or meteorite may have brought me down here when I was a seed. I have learnt the language listening to passing by people over the years.”

P.S: Based on the theory or concept that life was seeded on earth, probably brought down by comet or meteorite from another planet, where life was plentiful, probably mars or some other habitable planet outside solar system as well. Recently there has been enough data to confirm the existence of earth like planets. These are called Exoplanets.

4. The Umbrella

Two friends met for coffee, at a hotel close to their place. It reminded them of their student life. It started to pour while they were about to leave. "Take this umbrella, I know you dislike carrying it, but you are not as young as you used to be. I'll reach home in no time on my Bajaj” said one to another

P.S: This reflects the love, care & concern to minor interests of an old friend. I have a close friend who lets me win the computer games, against him. How nice of him!!

5. The Strangers

They were just strangers who exchanged a smile in lift while going office almost everyday. He had switched job & on last day he told her “I won't be working here anymore, just wanted to tell you, that you have really pretty eyes”. She said “thanks & wish you the best”.

P.S: Two people may not know each other but share a connection, like when commuting in a bus, train etc. They care for each other as their lives intersect for a while or so regularly.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Movie Review: The Big Sick

*This movie review contains spoilers*
Refrain from reading further if you want to watch the movie in the near future.

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           The Big Sick is a light-hearted romantic\ comedy movie - like the ones you watch on Romedy Now TV channel. After watching the movie you feel a kind of subtleness reflected in you from the storyline & the characters of the movie. Sometimes love is just about showing up, being there, being available, though the other person may not realize it. Everyone is super busy or they appear to be these days & sparing the few precious moments of your life for another person means that you are giving away something valuable part of yourself i.e your time. 
    Working on a relationship to care & share the little joys of life, means a lot in building a relationship. This movie tells that relationship are not built in a day, or there is a great attraction at work to make it happen instantly but takes courage & persistence to just make things right coz that makes sense. 
    Kumail, the actor plays his own character in the movie, does a superb job whereas acting doesn't come naturally to Emily. Kumail- A Pakistani, who drives a cab in the US tries to impress Emily parents, when Emily gets hospitalized for some serious problem, the subtle light-hearted humour in this context & situations is refreshing here. Kumail also tries his hand in stand up comedy which is catching up a lot these days. He is really not funny on stage & creates a pathetic situation pouring his heart out in front of the audience. That's the way the story starts when he meets Emily - one of his audience & ends too in a similar setup. 

        Sometimes love is the hope to hold onto someone or something, knowing that perhaps its not meant to be, perhaps its meant to fade away or die or fail, but still trying, waiting it out. The story revolves around the stereotypes and cultural differences between Pakistani & US mindsets.  
In nutshell, a good watch if you like a slow-paced, light-hearted comedy. 

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Friday, January 27, 2017

What have Indian advertisements taught me ?

Indian, Bollywood celebrities are having all kind of health problems like body odor, dandruff, hair fall, bad tooth etc

Your confidence & morale can be increased by a variety of things like cold drinks, chocolates, fairness creams etc.

You can clear interviews or impress people by using the right products, accessories, fairness creams would do the trick or washing your clothes with detergents.

Dentists are the most confused people on earth as they recommend each & every toothpaste as No.1

Experts come in white lab clothes.

Super rich category of people are really attracted in buy one get one offers, Rs 2 off, or that pen which comes free along with the soap.

Deodorants & perfumes are made with the sole purpose to attract men & women to the one who applies them. Somehow they have the secret ingredient which makes such a fatal attraction possible.

Every friend is essential to you.

Your life becomes miraculously adventurous & wonderful by taking bath with the soaps.

Children wont grow unless they consume those energy drinks along with milk, be careful not to overdo the same otherwise your kids may become too tall.

Fairness creams works in very scientific way, makes your skin looking fairer in just few weeks.
Make sure that you apply fairness creams to your entire body, you don't want people to know the difference, Do you ?

Idea is the company with highest number of patents. There are million of ideas in the pipeline to be patented.

You have to risk your life for that small bottle of cold drink. Apparently you are so motivated to do life risking things after you consuming such a drink.

Detergents clean your clothes to such an extent that they look better than new.

Your tooth can become self luminous. Its so white that it starts emitting light.

Shampoos have a lot of fruit contents, so perfectly safe for consumption.

Your dish wash bar comes with a concentrated essence of 100 lemons. Now you know the reason behind lemons being so costly.

When you buy that SUV, you can stop going office on city roads & go only on trips.

Ever wondered how IRCTC Tatkal tickets get exhausted within a minute?
Well obviously - Airtel 4G!

Santoor advertisement has changed the actors many times in the past decades to convey a strong message that it's an anti aging formula.

Kaajol is letting you on an anti aging secret which she has not even told to her partner SRK also. You know Olay !

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Common man & the demonetization side effects

        If R K Laxman was alive in this time period, I am sure he would have had a lot of inspirations to draw some great & amazing humor, sarcasm arising out of this high denomination notes ban in India. Well I am not good at drawing, so you will have to just imagine the scenes below :
If anyone interested please draw the cartoons for the below quotes depicting the scenes.

       For those of you who don't know, Indian Govt banned the HDN(high denomination notes - Rs 500 & Rs1000) as a measure to prevent the holding of black money & stop corruption & counterfeit notes on 8-11-2016.

Scene  :  Village footpath
Beggar : Come Netaji, Please sit beside me, I may have some change to get you started, here is a crash course on begging. Listen carefully, always request the middle class...

Scene  : Common man's house
Housewife :  Dear husband, I have always loved you, I may have taken some notes from your wallet by mistake over several years, can you please convert it to change now, my PAN card is in my father's place, so are my other ID cards.

Scene : Bank manager office
Bank Manager : Who asked you to install 1000 ATM's in the city ?
Employee     : Sir, you did !!

Scene : ATM Withdrawal Que
Common man : Come Netaji, Did you bring your PAN card ?
Netaji     : I don't have one, I don't have bank account also, All your love & generous donations kept me running all these days.

Scene : Election Campaign rally
Common man : Sorry, I will vote for the candidate/party which will give me new 500/1000 notes, What should I do with these old notes ?

Scene : late night, common man house
Wife : Why are you late again today ?
husband : Darling , I swear I was in ATM Que, so were my other friends, you can check with Ramesh and Suresh.

Scene :Village footpath
Common man : I am sure, they wont come to load money into this ATM. After grand inauguration they have never come here to load the money, please stop waiting in Que here & search another ATM.

Scene : Bank
Employee : Manager sir, Whether we will get holiday or extra salary for the all extra work we have done these days for money exchange ?
Manager : No, however I am having an interesting reward idea, why not distribute all the counterfeit notes among yourselves as bonus ?

Scene :Village
People chatting : we never had problem of cash in our village, every year some or the other Neta was generously donating, we of course had the scarcity of power, water, toilets, schools etc. We never imagined the situation would become so worse, scarcity for cash also !!

Scene : Village panchayat
Apparently we are moving from paper-less economy to paper-more economy, I heard new notes would be printed faster to meet the growing needs of the people.

Scene : Common man house
Dad : We never had ID cards in our days, we all knew each other in our village.
Son : Oh, I knew I am going to be poor when I filled out the PAN card application, even before I started working in my first job.

Scene : Experts panel
Swach Bharat Abhiyan was good initiative, we thought it would fade away slowly, but PM shouldn't have handed over that broom to Income tax dept of India.

Scene    : Experts panel on national news.
Expert 1 : We are expecting a 0.05 percent less corruption with this move.
Expert 2 : The figures are highly exaggerated, we can achieve maximum of 0.04 percent less corruption, that too after certain conditions are imposed.
Expert 3  : This is not the way to go forward.
Expert 4   : People will find other ways to accumulate black money.
Expert 5  : This was the easiest option among many options available to prevent corruption & holding black money
Common man : Who the hell are these experts ?

Scene : Bank
Employee : Sir, I got info that one of our ATM's is being stolen, I am calling the police now.
Manager : Don't, please don't, if you see carefully, this reduced our work of loading cash for that machine.

Scene : Medical shop
Kid : Uncle, Can you give one Hajmola & Rs 999 change, My dad is very generous today, he gave me Rs 1000 note & told me to buy something only at the medical shops.

Scene : Restaurant, Bangalore - Shanti Sagar
Employee to customer: Welcome sir, you are the first customer today carrying debit card, We have executive Gold class lounge for you, same price menu as you were eating standing daily outside our hotel. You know we take of our customers like God.

Scene : ATM
Foreigner to his kid : No, They are not giving away Apple I Phones, those people are waiting in long Que for withdrawing their own money.

Scene : Common household
Maid : Madam, I want your or Sir's PAN number this time before you give me salary, I want to disclose my income & all sources to PM. Also I want to raise, I need to start paying my income tax.

Scene : Village
Common man : Welcome back Netaji after 5 yrs, have you come to withdraw the money from the ATM you inaugurated ? Actually no one has used the ATM, as there is no power to our village.

Scene : Village
Common man : Demonetization ??  Well, I have studied till 2nd standard & don't understand that word. No there is no impact on our village, we have not seen Rs 500 or Rs 1000 notes in our lives.

Scene : Common man house front door
LPG broker : Madam, Please take our LPG, many are in stock, you can give half the amount as you were used to give earlier, we will filled it completely this time. I will just wait here till you have the change.

Scene : Software engineer at the back of ATM Que
Thinking to himself : So this is how it feels like when I open a new window when my computer is hung up.

Scene : Temple
Priest : Sir, Lets buy a new hundi, one big hundi for high denomination currency & another small one for small change.

Scene : Bank
Customer : Actually I have a car full of cash to deposit in the bank, Can you do me a favor & keep the car also in your vault ? Govt may seize my car also which appears black....I meant my BMW is black color, purchased from white money itself. Please trust me.

Scene :  Temple
Uncommon man : God, I never asked you any favor in my life, I will drop Rs 1000 in your hundi, the white money I earned several years back, Can you please do a miracle to make the Rs 1000 crores black money I have at home transform to white money somehow ?

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