Wednesday, October 24, 2012

P.S. I love you, now and forever

I am in your thought
I am in your breadth
I am in your every beat the heart takes

I am in your life
I am in your moments
I am in every page the destiny unfolds

I am in your smile
I am in your tear
I am with you here and always

Just like a shadow following you...
like a mystery surrounding you
let the magic of life sparkle as always
let the beauty of a forgotten moment
take your breath away as before

I may not be seen, heard or touched
but I will be there for you
you can feel me around,
when you need me the most and otherwise
till the end of this lifetime and the next

let my presence not go in vain,
coz I am there to guide you in every step you take
you need to move on in life
coz that's the way life is meant to be
to be grand in this moment and the next

I feel, could have told you
but waited for the time to be right
but destiny always plays its magic trick

// The kind and humble nature of the lover is reflected here,
who calls magic trick, though destiny took his or her life away

We may be none
we may be someone
we may be a star shining up above the sky
we may be just a piece of glitter,
with a purpose to shine for now and forever.

let me be your comfort in pain
let me be the pill which kills the pain
let me be someone so close to your heart
for the body may not be one but our souls were never apart

I promised flowers
purple, pink and lavender
Oh I love you so much my dear
let me be bouquet of love at your doorstep
just for today
for tomorrow I'll return with more colors of love my dear  

I can make out the tear on your cheek in the rain
Is there anything I can make to reduce the pain ?
coz all I have to say is making you feel more attached
life is all about moving on and getting detached.

I hope you enjoy the future
as much as I loved being with you.
remember the moment when we saw
all night long, the stars shine and shine
more intoxicating than the best wine

I am sorry for leaving you this way
I know you don't need my apology
but do take it anyway

Let your life be filled with more colors than ever
let your life be filled with more love than before
coz in the end perhaps what matter is only the moments
which made our lives so special together.

nothing is everlasting pain, fame or our name
but let me be clear
life is not something which starts & ends at main() {}
Its something which ends at P.S. I love you

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Honest answers

      Schools, kids & even parents never take moral science class seriously, they just feel it’s time pass period. One of the newly appointed young moral science teacher was enthusiastic to bring about some change & asked this question to the kids :  

If I had the power to change something, I would change….’.

One of the kid in rush to answer first said I would not change anything as the word is perfect for me!  
             The teacher asked him Really? Do you think so? the kid admitted that he had not thought about the topic in depth. There was a point he wanted to put forth. He said I would change the salary of my house maid. She works really hard whole day, yet gets just small amount as salary. My dad & mom work in office & they get nice salaries. There must be equal salaries for all people.
Another kids said, If I had the power to change something, I would change almost everything, starting form the way people think.
Give a chance to change, one said he would like to stop the corruption in the country with a spell like Harry Potter. Another said he wanted to preserve the forests, stop cutting trees. Then lot of honest & straight form the heart ideas started pouring in.
Go green, all must go green, I want to change the whole world to use electric cars, thereby reducing pollution. The kid from the last bench wanted to invent a battery that would store a lot of energy & this would bring a revolution in the ever increasing power demands of the planet. 
There was a kid whose father was a bus conductor, he said, i dont know my dad always says that all the people from must bring the change. 
The teacher laughingly said yes that’s  a great quote : Although your dad meant was to give the change for the ticket amount, but we can take a lot back home from this wonderful quote.  

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

High on a bench !

                     Everyone of us may have enjoyed the on-bench period some time or the other in our professional lives. Unlike the class room on-bench which usually reminds us of the punishment – ‘stand up on the bench’, the corporate on-bench experience will be totally cool, where you will be paid for doing nothing. You don’t learn technical things as you assume this period is your reward after studying technical things for almost 15 plus years in your life & it makes sense that you relax & unwind a bit coz later in life company expects a whole lot of things from you & you will become busy with all sort of things in professional & also personal life.

     Usually IT giants are supposed to maintain certain percentage of resources i.e people (resources & people are synonyms when it comes to software industry, monitor, mouse, keyboard, C resource, C++ resource, java resource are all one & the same) in free pool or popularly known as the on-bench. After graduating from college & going through perhaps a regressive training process & exams finally the wait is over to start enjoying life on a new level with your income. When I was placed on–bench in my first job after training for couple of months, I recall sometimes the moments & seriously miss the same. We were a huge batch of fresher’s from various colleges from all corners of India, about to be allocated to upcoming projects. Well people from all states come together in training, the sessions & exams binds us well, cursing or perhaps appreciating the trainers sometimes as well. So we feel like birds with same feathers, flocking well. Sometimes the library, canteen benches became full & we had to roam around the campus wondering some manager may call us, just like the king calls his army in the time of war. Apparently all the project managers were busy in their work & no one bothered to ask us for more than a month. When you get paid for doing nothing, you feel the bliss of life. Its really amazing how various kinds of personalities come together to spend the free time together. There was a guy who had abundant knowledge in all things: we called encyclopedia. He used to tell a lot of stories, then another told about his big family business of chain of shops they owned back in their hometown. He treated me like Forrest Gump & apparently I acquired all the knowledge to start my own shop like his & really felt like doing this at later stage in life. There was this guy who was studying already for entrance exams for higher studies. He offered tips for higher studies & concluded that all software jobs are the same, Apparently he would join a bit more sophisticated software job after his higher education. There was a girl who used to ask the silliest questions in training & well as later on–bench in the most sophisticated English. Couple of people even fell in love finding their soul mates since they had so much time for each other talking about even the smallest things, smallest likes & dislikes etc, probably never again in life would they have so much time for each other. Then there was this girl who once started talking never stopped talking without giving even a chance for others to speak...people would just get up & go away...she didn’t mind just following them to finish her never ending stories.
    There are so many things that people can do when on-bench like play Antakshari repeatedly, celebrate friend’s birthday at nearby hotels frequently, try out all the eateries in & around campus, sleep in dormitory. This is actually a whole lot of fun which you definitely deserve actually after studying many years. Unlike the normal movie story ends : Then the project allocation happens & all work happily ever after, we departed with the promise that we shall assemble at the same canteen bench regularly, but we knew that time would never come as we have moved quite far in our own directions, in life.


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