Saturday, November 2, 2013

Guiding light

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I am in your thought
I am in your breadth
I am in your every beat the heart takes

I am in your life
I am in your moments
I am in every page the destiny unfolds

I am in your smile
I am in your tear
I am with you here and always

Just like a shadow following you...
like a mystery surrounding you
let the magic of life sparkle as always
let the beauty of a forgotten moment
take your breath away as before

I may not be seen, heard or touched
but I will be there for you
you can feel me around,
when you need me the most and otherwise
till the end of this lifetime and the next

let my presence not go in vain,
coz I am there to guide you in every step you take
you need to move on in life
coz that's the way life is meant to be
to be grand in this moment and the next

I feel, could have told you
revealed how I felt about you
but waited for the time to be right
but destiny always plays its magic trick

We may be none
we may be someone
we may be a star shining up above the sky
we may be just a piece of glitter,
with a purpose to shine for now and forever.

let me be your comfort in pain
let me be the guiding light
let me be someone so close to your heart
for the body may not be one but our souls were never apart

I promised flowers
purple, pink and lavender
Oh I love you so much my dear
let me be bouquet of love at your doorstep
just for today
for tomorrow I'll return with more splendid colors of love my dear  

I can make out the tear on your cheek in the rain
Is there anything I can make to reduce the pain ?
coz all I have to say is making you feel more attached
life is sometimes about moving on and getting detached.

I hope you enjoy the future
as much as I loved being with you. 
remember the moment when we saw
all night long, the stars shine and shine
more intoxicating than the best wine

I am sorry for leaving you this way
I know you don't need my apology
but do take it anyway

Let your life be filled with more colors than ever
let your life be filled with more love than before
coz in the end perhaps what matter is only the moments
which made our lives so special together.

nothing is everlasting pain, fame or our name
but let me be clear
life is not something which has ends
It's something filled with moments 
which reveal I love you forever

Honestly speaking, this poem is inspired from movie P.S I love you. 
we see a movie, enjoy & learn so many things but foeget about it. later when we watch it after couple of years, we realize there are so many angles & perspectives which we really appreciate & there are handful of such wonderfully made movies. Some of my fav in romantic

Forrest Gump
P.S I love you
The Notebook
A walk to remember
A walk in the clouds
Gone with the wind
Socha na tha
Last but not the least, the evergreen ones like DDLJ DTPH etc. 

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

A tryst with oxymorons

Some PJ's are good, Some are bad, Some are just PJ's.

The 'lost & found' box was lost & found.

Things are gonna get pretty ugly.

A person or thing's presence is felt the most in its absence.

My love was successful, but did not get the girl.    ..from a kannada movie: Simple love story

You are very efficient, probably you know to manage your money well. Hence no salary hike this year for you.

My wardrobe are full, but still nothing to wear.

Don't forget to keep reminder for the thing you forget often. When reminded, remember the thing for which you kept reminder, don't forget to remember finally.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Community work for a better tomorrow

1] Further to the video presentation of Myshkin Ingawale here or copy-paste the link below :

             The innovative ideas of today are the foundation for a better society of tomorrow. I think the healthcare sector in India is still much neglected one & needs much focus, attention & dedicated hard work to develop & more importantly to sustain the development. The aim should be to make the basic health care affordable & available to the masses. At least the routine checks must be done to warn about likelihood of major diseases. Many instruments are imported from abroad making healthcare expensive as there is a cost involved in employing skilled staff to operate the same & maintenance of the machine itself. The various medical institutes should encourage & create awareness of the challenges involved in the medical instrumentation domain. They must go visit the good engineering colleges & inspire students to take up projects which can make the low cost version of the imported machines locally. Design & implementation challenges will motivate the students to come up with innovative ideas. If the idea is really good & valuable then the project can be funded in the long term to design an affordable health check device. As part of corporate social responsibility initiatives by IT companies, employees can be encouraged to contribute for such a project. At least few of them will be interested to contribute to the software & hardware designs in their spare time. Similar to a device which can detect one disease or symptoms shown in video for anaemia, there is a need to make a single device which can detect a variety of diseases. Electronics students, Software companies & medical institutes can collaborate to make such a device. Thus this community initiative aimed at specific thing will lead to development & maintenance of such a device. Govt can make it a policy to supply to the govt hospitals in remote areas where diagnosis & testing facilities are poor. If the device becomes a hit, then it can be mass produced to be used by public as well. The device must be robost & user friendly & able to diagnose the conditions of disease for which the symptoms are not prominent.  Even nurses must be able to operate the same. Call it "Doctor IC" basically an All in One device. It must be able to monitor, diagnose, test the samples taken etc. say for eg for BP monitoring, heart beats, run basic blood tests etc

2] Further to the video presentation of Christian Sarkar here or copy-paste the link below :

                      About the low budget house, probably one can approach the CREDAI, which is the regulatory body for real estate companies. Some builders may be interested in coming up with innovative solutions for low budget houses. Taking Karnataka as example, in metros like Bangalore its a big challenge to provide low cost housing for masses, but the construction companies can try out such a project in Tier-2 cities like Hubli, Mangalore, Davangere etc, where there may be people in lower middle class and slums who may be able to pay & afford for such a low budget house. In highly populated areas, constructing a small one floor house is a challenge, so why not construct couple of floors more. The bottom most floor should be strong enough to support the top floors in terms of area materials used etc. The upper floors can be less stronger than the floor below it, but strong enough to provide sufficient protection to human life & property inside. The key here is to go vertical otherwise one needs to locate such projects outside the city. Placing a project outside city will bring commute challenges for people daily in cities like bangalore where ease of commute is still a dream, with the ongoing slow metro work.

This post is written for Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The unknown ring

Tring-Tring, the phone rang.

I answered in desperation. 'Who is it?' asked the voice.
I began to wonder Who am I? I didn't know or remember my name or myself.
Have I lost my memory? Have I become insane? were questions popping in my mind. Just when I was stuck in this weird feeling, I woke up!

P.S: I'll never know who was the person who called in my dream !

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Birds of same feather flock together on WeChat

            Rather than a story of connecting on IM with some people chatting I would like to put forth a few insights & potential ideas which may be the future technologies in mobile computing. India is on the verge of becoming a smart phone superpower. In few years smart phones would become more & more economical & make into hands of most of the Indians. Different people will use different apps based on their profession passion, hobby, day to day living, but surely everyone needs to connect with their family & friends anyway. So there needs to be a most economical method of information exchange quickly at least for small text messages like I reached office, on way to home etc. Sometimes we can do away with full duplex communication, isn't it ? This is where the currently competing IM's like WeChat, WhatsApp, gtalk/hangout, FB chat come into picture & really serve this purpose well.

            In some countries in past & even now I suppose, like minded people like scholars,  philosophers or so would hang out in small groups near a river or pub & discuss various ideas. This would enrich their knowledge in their respective fields, solve problems, make progress on a particular stuck topic. This is a great approach for creating community for working towards new ideas & achieving new frontiers in science technology or any other domain. This kind of unofficial meetings really help rather than closed room meetings which bind you to rules of an organization. Free thinking & connecting with the community can make faster discoveries & inventions. 
              If I could connect with five or more people in the past, then I would connect with the great physicists like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, Paul Dirac, Edwin Hubble etc. What a wonderful opportunity to learn new discoveries happening. There was so much physics happening those days. So may wonderful discoveries. It's the ideas which intrigue me rather than the end results i.e. the journey towards the end result is more fun rather than the end result itself. Besides the best teachers like Feynman etc could reach towards a larger set of audience if a video/voice chat was available at that time. If people like Einstein, Feynman, Dirac could create a community in which the public could be included, then the society would be more open minded to fund these scientific experiments going on. I suppose if mobiles with 3G internet speed & chat/audio video features were available that time, then all could come together for a casual meet from the comfort of their homes itself. Even today, we can have a cloud of like minded people discussing on various topics. People could join in in some community & discuss , ask questions get answers etc using a IM instantly.


             We are a group of Amateur Astronomers from Bangalore from a community called BAS- Bangalore Astronomical Society, a non-profit Amateur astronomy organization aimed at popularizing astronomy both as a science & a hobby. Such IM's & group chats can help people getting updates about something interesting events to watch out in sky for instance. Say a halo is visible around the sun, moon. Just drop a message to the group chat already created. It would reach to say 100 people. Some of them who may be interested in photography will grab a camera to capture the event. Some of them may grab their telescopes to view the Jupiter near moon or events like that. People can ask questions & get answers instantly.
      Coming from fiction to reality, my friends are my inspiration, they are my Einstein, Feynman etc. So a community can be created & nurtured & everyone learns in the process. It would be very nice to get a google hangout kind of experience on mobile phone with IM as well with the feature to turn ON/OFF video feed as that determines the data downloaded. there is a lot of potential for the IM's in advertising domain as well apart from the above topic. All the best WeChat. I will look forward to flock together bringing like minded people connected through WeChat. 

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WeChat's Youtube channel.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A perfect love

                  He fell in love with her seeing her beautiful eyes, the most beautiful ever seen. He wanted to tell her she had the most amazing eyes but couldn't. Later he wrote a letter asking- will you be my friend? Second letter was will you be my love?  This is how Akansha and Ananth met at the school of deaf and dumb.

This post is a 55 fiction  - 55 Fiction is a form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Modern health care - boon to mankind

          Today we live in a fast growing technology, where a kid sees alphabets first on keyboard, learns to type instead of holding a pencil to write.On a happy occasion they don't expect new clothes anymore, buying new gadgets is their only interest.Modernization is not only affecting the way of living but also importantly health care.
          Gone are the days, where patients waited in long queue,so long that their symptoms would worsen waiting in the queue. The doc just records the symptoms in computer and keeps a record of every visit of the patient.As soon as one sits in front of doctor, unlike old days,you just find that questions asked by doctors are less,instead,they connect digital apparatus which beeps the BP and heart rate,another beeps the body temperature.
           While some deadly disease are being treated, research is on to kill other disease before they kill lives.Now-a-days all surgeries are less painful and no more long healing process.Each and every organ is treated by that specialized doctor.If you don't find the concerned person, no worries, he can be contacted over internet for your treatment.
               No matter how modern is the health care,there is still the lack of modern methods to touch the lives of poor people.While people spend for the treatment of their appearance, there are many unfortunate lives, who cant afford for the treatment of their basic sustenance.

For more info on cutting edge technology provided by Apollo Hospitals visit this link

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Déjà vu

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The woman on the platform 10

             Ananth was almost sleep, his eyes too exhausted closed in by themselves. He was feeling the soothing cool breeze & his head was resting against the train window, while the train silently made a pass through the villages. He was returning from exam duty from another city where he was assigned for a few days as examiner. He saw a station approaching. It was a small village with lush green fields everywhere. He saw a women turned backwards. She was looking at some advertisement so keenly that she never turned her back. Somehow this scene of woman at platform 2 stuck in his mind. He grasped onto this mental picture trying to decode it desperately, trying to comprehend the strange feelings associated with this picture. He was just wondering whether he knew the girl he saw there or more importantly was wondering whether he was actually sleeping or dreaming. The train moved on & Ananth felt asleep. He felt kind of deja-vu feeling when he woke up after sometime & somehow he couldn’t get over the familiarity feeling with the platform 2 & the woman he saw.
He was still confused whether it was  a dream or real scene. He had a strange feeling that he had been before to that place, the station or known that women. He told his wife Akansha over dinner that night that he had this strange encounter of being familiar with the platform 2 of a particular village station or known that girl standing there with back turned towards him. Akansha asked whether he had been to that village before which he recollects. Akansha told on the lighter side that this may have been your previous lifetime. Years passed after this incident where Ananth had forgotten about this when one fine day while cleaning the store room, Akansha jumped with joy as she had found the childhood paintings. She was so excited to see them after many years. She called Ananth & started showing them one by one. They started looking at the pics. Suddenly they came across a painting of a woman standing on the platform with the number 2. A shock ran though Ananth’s body due the striking similarity between the painting & the scene he recollected while travelling some years back. The scene I was telling you some years remember I was returning in train & an mental image had stuck my mind of this woman on platform 2. I tried hard to recollect who that might be or what it meant. Akansha also had forgotten the context when she had made this painting. Was it for a competition, or exam or just she had made it. It was from her childhood. Akansha said probably I may have thought of a theme of train & platform & women waiting for the train or waiting for someone arriving at the station. They thought about it for a long time trying hard to recollect what that scenes & the painting meant to them. How can two persons have a strange feeling, a sort of connected familiarity about a similar thing? Later years passed they had discussed this with their friends & they got the opinion that this may be merely a coincidence where two people experienced & somehow trying to connect the dots, which when connected may mean just nothing.

      Ananth was a professor of physics, he believed in reason & logic & such things as last lifetime etc just were outside his scope of belief.  Akansha had studied history, but chose to do social work after their marriage & drawing, painting were her hobbies. One day at breakfast Ananth was checking their daughter’s essay about an abstract concept. She had chosen soul & she weaved a story with concept that souls are connected beyond time & space & they will be united in the lifetime as they were in the last or the next. Ananth asked Akansha to check the same about this striking similarity with their déjà vu experience. Akansha said this can’t be our story as we met in third year of our college remember & not in any train station or so?  They got to know each other in third year of college & soon it turned into love & marriage. But wait a second did you arrive to join the hostel a day before the college joining date. Ananth exclaimed yes I came the day before to joining the hostel. So it’s quite possible that we may have seen each other at platform 10 that day. They felt like they were connecting the dots their déjà vu experience & started making sense after many years. Ananth said the platform he saw while travelling was two & not any other number as it was a village & hardly two platforms. They checked & found that the train coming from Akansha’s home town to the city where they finished their graduation was 10. They impatiently tried to figure out the relation between the platform 10 & Platform 2. Their daughter who was good at math said 10 is binary 2.

       Ananth concluded the essay telling if we keenly observe the events happenings in the world, there may be a connection between all things, natural & unnatural happening around us. Some things live beyond time & space. They told about this interesting observation to their friends at dinner that night. But they all discussed about it, they couldn't prove or disprove anything as this really did not matter to them in anyway.  Ananth desperately wondered whether the woman in platform 2 was Akansha in last lifetime. Whether the woman in platform 2 & platform 10 were the same but probably different lifetimes?

Disclaimer: All the characters in the story are fictional & any resemblance with reality is just a coincidence.

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