Friday, May 17, 2013

Modern health care - boon to mankind

          Today we live in a fast growing technology, where a kid sees alphabets first on keyboard, learns to type instead of holding a pencil to write.On a happy occasion they don't expect new clothes anymore, buying new gadgets is their only interest.Modernization is not only affecting the way of living but also importantly health care.
          Gone are the days, where patients waited in long queue,so long that their symptoms would worsen waiting in the queue. The doc just records the symptoms in computer and keeps a record of every visit of the patient.As soon as one sits in front of doctor, unlike old days,you just find that questions asked by doctors are less,instead,they connect digital apparatus which beeps the BP and heart rate,another beeps the body temperature.
           While some deadly disease are being treated, research is on to kill other disease before they kill lives.Now-a-days all surgeries are less painful and no more long healing process.Each and every organ is treated by that specialized doctor.If you don't find the concerned person, no worries, he can be contacted over internet for your treatment.
               No matter how modern is the health care,there is still the lack of modern methods to touch the lives of poor people.While people spend for the treatment of their appearance, there are many unfortunate lives, who cant afford for the treatment of their basic sustenance.

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