Thanks to my so called Unconditional* or rather One-sided love for Astronomy and Akarsh's 17.5 inch Discovery Telescope which really shows up the universe in it's true beauty. Thanks to Bangalore Astronomical Society for guiding me showing things up in sky which I had only seen in internet, Thanks for electing me Council member. I will try my best to contribute towards achieving objectives of the  organization. 

*It depends :-)

Akarsh, the guy who owns the above telescope. IIT Madras, Engineering Physics graduate, Currently pursuing his Master's in Texas. My mentor, I have learnt a lot from him. He is our local Feynman.

Thanks to my friend Pai, whose advise is the only one I have ever heard & acted upon in my life, A genius in  Jokes, Good luck buddy, my best wishes are always with you.

Rajkiran, thanks for helping me to understand myself, that I am more sensitive & emotional person than I assumed to be. Thanks for being there all the time.

Thanks to the Olympus 10x50 Binocs. I have enjoyed the view of some open clusters & globular clusters like never before. This resolves them very elegantly. This is the image of Annular Solar Eclipse taken from Vivekananda rock in Kanyakumari. Just hand held Binocs gave a nice view of Eclipsed Sun

This is the first image I took of moon, camera held behind 10x50 Binocs.
Like in the movie time machine, our moon breaks up & moon fragments are seen across the sky just like milky way galaxy, this would have rendered Deep sky observing inaccessible to amateur telescopes, due to the light pollution caused around that. Thanks Moon for also being of correct size & distant away from sun, so that eclipses are possible.

     Ran across this small mess/hotel near my house in Pune, apart from being my favorite dining joint, Radhe Sham uncle & myself share a special relationship of friendship & good will for each other, Apart from overfeeding me with food, the food tastes best when served with love & thats all that makes a great dinner or makes my day although I am not a Foodie. His blessings have worked for my in mysterious ways ! I am glad I have come across people in my life who made me realize that there is so much love all around & can only be felt when you let love flow in & give love to all.

Last but not the least, thanks for all the fellow bloggers & readers of my blog, for the the comment & suggestions which encourages me to write more & better.

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