Saturday, September 9, 2023

Set of 5 stories - 55 fiction, Season 3

1) The realization
Today was the death anniversary of his father, he had not called his mother to avoid the uncomfortable conversation. As he sat on the beach, his eyes filled with tears, he saw a soap bubble drifting & popping in front of his eyes. He realized the fragile nature of life, what is there today is gone tomorrow!
P.S: Sometimes the loneliest of situations bring profound realizations. It's okay to avoid the uncomfortable conversation. 

2) Non-Judgemental 
        As tears of happiness rolled down his cheeks, he thought that finally there was one person in the world who would truly love him regardless of his looks, financial status, behavior etc. & more importantly not expect anything in return except a little bit of love. The newborn held her dad's thumb tightly as she fell asleep.

3) Random events 
       Three insignificant events happened almost simultaneously on a pale blue dot revolving around a normal yellow star. A soap bubble exploded to the amazement of the boy, a man felt alone but ecstatic for no reason in the crowd, and a woman felt sad after successfully finishing all the chores at home.
P.S : Don't take life too seriously, your existence is just so minuscule on a cosmic scale. 

4) The returned help
            He often gave a rupee or two to a beggar near his office. One day, while leaving the office it was raining heavily & he wanted to reach home soon. When the bus arrived, he noticed that his wallet was left behind in the office. The same beggar came & said, "This 20 rupees will help". He thanked the beggar. 

P.S : Sometimes small acts of kindness will go a long way to help you when needed.

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