Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Inception: This was my idea !

             Inception movie is great, too out of the world though it’s similar to 'The Matrix' or 'Thirteenth Floor'. it was a long time i was excited something my type of movie out in theatres, usually i watch almost all movies downloaded from net. But I felt sad that this idea – the exact concept behind the movie was not just similar but exactly same as the one that ran across my mind & I wrote down. May be I could have sold it to some one who could have considered it as a science fiction movie stuff long time back. May be I could have made some money out of it.

           More than 15 years before, when I was probably studying in 5th std school, I started writing book & named it “Beyond your thoughts” which was primarily intended to be a collection of my weird thoughts & ideas that ran across my mind, mainly in Astronomy.

           I wrote a subsection called ‘Simple things mean great things’, in which I go to tell about the physical significance of concepts like - choice, purpose, destiny, & dreams being one among them, Below is the exact extract of the same :

Day dream or night dream whatever you may dream is fascinating and dreams mean a lot to us. Day dreams are our aspirations or needs or fascinations we want to achieve in our life. We wonder what night dreams are all about because people dream on varied issues some meaningful and some not. We ourselves don’t understand what our dreams are or mean sometimes. Doctors and researchers have not yet completely understood the dreams. Leave about dreams we have not gained a complete understanding of our brains or minds, probably we will never gain a complete understanding I think, because how the brain works is so complicated thing. And one more thing, our brain has to understand how our brain works.
The interesting thing about dreams is that it’s a world created by our mind in which we stay believing it to be real or not knowing that it’s a dream world. You need to think in a different manner to understand what I want to say. In our non dream world we are well aware that it’s the real world or the non dream world and we can know and remember about the things happening in the dream world. But in the dream world we aren’t aware of it being the dream world and also we aren’t aware that a non dream world exists in which we stay for a longer time compared to dream world. Well you can say that, hey I may not remember just that thing that I thought or rather dreamt in the dream world that I was in the dream world and also thought that non dream world exists and I will return to it soon after completing my dream. Well u can also say that I just may not have dreamt of real world in my dream something similar to as we not thinking of dream world in our real world. What distinguishes the dream world from our real world is that the duration we stay in these two worlds. If we had a sleep pattern of say 23.99 hours which may have included a compulsory dream pattern of all time in it and we would return to the real world for a few seconds or milliseconds we would have thought of the real world as dream world and the dream world as the real world. Well you see the difference between dream world and non dream world. these two are different worlds one being real or something keeping us unconsciously conscious telling it real. We say our non dream world as reality because we stay in it for a longer time and believe in it or want to believe that our belief is correct.
You may remember reading this article about dream world as you reading it in you dream. May be?
But just one more thing. We never get a dream in our dream or what I mean is we never get a dream in which we go to bed and get another dream. I wonder whether we may be able to remember about the second level dream if we return to our real world without returning to dream world in which we had a dreamt of the secondary dream. This may happen if someone wakes us up suddenly when we are in our secondary level dream. If there are such multi level dream patterns in our sleep and if no one wakes us up we may get an infinite loop of dream worlds we may wander endlessly & its very difficult to think what can we remember after breaking out from all these looped dream worlds.   Anyway enjoy your dreams !

Saturday, July 10, 2010


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This is a story of a sweet girl Pooja & a weird boy Sunil.

                  They met in high school, Pooja's dad got a transfer in his job, & Pooja got relocated to Sunil's school. A new joiner in eighth standard, It was easy for Pooja to make new friends & get adjusted in no time as she kept on changing schools with her dad getting transferred to different cities. She was a typical girl, bubbly, charming & enthusiastic. You know some people are so good at heart that you feel happy when you are around them, you just have a feel good factor just when they are nearby. She was tall & after she entered the class she moved to last benches to find a seat. There was our hero Sunil sitting in last benches, totally unlike the other last bencher's, he was kind of weird guy, was afraid to talk to girls, he was very intellectual, but had some kind of inferiority complex & stammered while speaking. He liked couple of subjects & did not care about the other subjects. Sunil was a good kid, he lived in his world, he used to collect paper cuttings of astronomy articles wherever he found one in newspaper magazine etc. He never mingled with other sporty boys of class, but had few good friends who understood him well. 
            Pooja introduced herself to Sunil & as usual he was too afraid of her as he would be for any other girl in class. He just told his name & avoided the converstation though she started sitting besides him as this was the only vacant desk, She dressed nicely, talked humorously, loved to hang out with cool friends. Slowly they became friends. Science subject contained mostly of astronomy & Sunil was much ahead apart from this text book knowledge, he used to tell Pooja that what our text book contains is merely a collection of facts & figures, real universe in out there to explore. He used to talk about various mysteries of the universe & Pooja was fascinated by this & share his wonderment too. She appreciated his ideas a lot & Sunil as well. Sunil just liked her company as she used to listen patiently to his crazy ideas.
                 This was not a love at first sight but a small dose of love at every sight thereafter & grew stronger. they had found good freinds in each other, both being similar in some aspects, curious to know about nature, caring & fun loving. They finished school & joined same college. Both were relieved, that they will get to be in touch with each other in college as well. Then Engineering, Sunil wanted to take up science stream & Astronomy later, but his family conditions needed him to start earning faster. So engineering & then as usual software comapny was the only option. They got their engineering seats in different colleges, probably this was good in a way because this made them realize that how much they missed each other, or rather they came to know how much each liked each other, though they did not openly got committed in their relationship. Both kept in touch whenever they came to their home town & mails & phones. They waited desperately to hear about happenings in each other's lives. Sunil had a malfunctioning coin-phone in his hostel, by putting one rupee coin the active call never ended until phone was hung up. This was a time when mobiles were still not very popular & affordable by students, intermittent internet access from colege labs to mails, orkut, twitter etc, this kind of created a romantic void & desperation to hear from each other. Both landed up in good jobs & began meeting each other. There knew that they were in love but never expressed, pooja was waiting for Sunil to propose & Sunil was waitinf gor the right time. 
                   Sunil was working very hard & had a grand proposal plan. He wanted to earn enough money for a couple of years so that the loan is replayed & have some money for marraige. After an year of his job, He fell ill for some days & was not keeping well often. He got a blood report done & recovered from this. But things had changed a lot within him. He started avoiding Pooja after that, he was very upset about something & never told Pooja, she could easily make that out & he refused to tell her though she repeatedly asked him, she knew his heart as much as himself. Pooja made a plan to get to know what's going on with him. What is bothering him ?  Shruthi their common friend insisted on meeting Sunil at a restaurant & asked him whats going on between him & Pooja. She told him Pooja is very unhappy about this unexpected behavior from him. Sunil refused to tell anything. Upon taking promise form Shruthi that she would not reveal anything to Pooja, Sunil broke out. What do you want me to tell Pooja, that I am having blood cancer & I am not going to live for more than couple of years. I even haven't proposed to Pooja & therefore no relation exists between myself & her. I know she would be devastated by this, instead i am thinking of going somewhere without anyone knowking where I am gone. Shruthi asked whether you love Pooja. Sunil replied, I love her more than anything else from the day I met her, the day she sat besides me in school. As usual he was just too afraid to express his feelings for her. He wanted to stand on his own feet, earn some money & then ask her hand. He burst out into tears & said I cannot tell Pooja, better she forgets me. There was a hand on his shoulder & that was Pooja standing there listening to entire converstation. She was in tears realizing that their destiny turned out to be totally other than what she has dreamt of. She told Sunil that she also had liked him the day she met him in class & told if he would have somewhere withut letting anyone know about this, she would never be able to love any other person, Sunil was the love of her life & she had accpeted happily that both are inseperable.    
          Sunil told her that she is a wonderful girl, she has whole life in front of her & asked to grow out of this situation. Tiem heals everything, just forget this love, & move on. Pooja told she had given her heart to him & she was that kind of girl who couldnt think of any other person other than him. If she was ever going to get married it would be him.
            Pooja seemed more than crazy, & because she insisted, they got married. After couple of years, Sunil became very ill. They had a baby boy. As Sunil was on his death bed, they held hand in hand & relived the moments of their life. school days & college days. As Sunil took his last breadths he said “I am sorry, I couldn’t be there all along with you, I Wish I never met you” & Pooja said “I always wish that in next lifetime also I should meet you & you must be the love of my life. She never heard a reply from Sunil. Now she waits for their son Anant, to grow up to understand the things & learn speaking so that she can tell the stories Sunil told her about the sky & stars & universe etc.  

               You may wonder, Who am I, telling the story?  I am destiny, sometimes I WISH, I should not be so unfair. 

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As she disconnected from me 
without telling a reason,
without a hint of what went wrong
Leaving me bewildered & wondering in agony

I was sure we could work things out
whatever they were, with minor adjustments
I could change myself completely for her
I could have gone extra miles for setting things right
As I always knew I was not the perfect one for her

But I knew deep within, that this was not the reason,
a reason she preferred not to reveal
But I know for sure there was some other reason
a reason beyond my awareness,
a reason she never wanted me to know

I knew without a doubt that she could never be unfaithful
just fighting hard to accept her destiny as mine.   
probably it was an obligation
a compromise included in her destiny
But I know she could never have never been unfaithful to me

As she went ahead
She turned to look at me one last time
With tears in her eyes, & a trembling smile
Telling the obvious truth
It was not her choice to depart
But the result of embracing her destiny
I wish I could her hug her for one last time
as she kissed goodbye from a distance apart

For the miles we walked together seemed infinitesimally small
there was still a long way ahead, in the wonderland of our dreams
in the beautiful & abundant life
in the life awaiting to make our dreams come true

My heart was sealed for her
I thought of none except her
The faith & trust which kept our love alive
I know, i can never love anyone that way
As our love was most pure & eternal

With her gone & with unwilling desire to move on
I just have one small wish left.
I just wish her pain reduces
Suppressing the wish, she could be mine again
to live the promises we made long before
which seem to now disappear in vain

I know you will not return baby
I know we can never be together again
But I will keep waiting for you now & for ever
You can find me at cross roads where we separated
I will be there until the end of time waiting for you to return
Coz that’s the only thing which makes sense
In this life which is meaningless without you.

I know you can never be mine
Still I refuse to accept this reality
For what’s left after this
Is a sense of void without even a silly hope of your return?

The last flower from you will wither in my book
though the memories of our time together will remain afresh in my heart
there is nothing other than memories to move on in life
rather feels to move backward to relive the moments we were together.
Just once again.

I feel so cold inside
Missing all the warmth of love & care within
For there are only memories to recall
The ones to cherish for the remaining lifetime

Sometime’s life is bit unfair
Depriving small aspirations too,
For all the love we shared , I think destiny was more than generous
But this is just not the way I wanted it to end

I wish she could be mine forever,
Hopefully I could run into her in next lifetime
Hope she recognizes me then
For I will the same as I am now
Her mad lover boy. 
Loving her more than anything else.
I will miss you deeply, deep within my hearts

Amidst all these thoughts, as I realize the obvious truth
I feel a sense a soothing, a relaxed breadth in eternal bliss
For I know for sure that our destiny is not written separately
within no time, we shall be together
high up in the sky, just like a binary star
I will be yours & you will be mine

Pyar ke rahon mein chalna tumne sikhaya....
Pyar ke haseen ehsaason ke sapne sajana tumne sikhaya....
Zindagi ke najane kis ajeeb mod pe, jab tum chal diye apne raaste, tanha hum reh gaye...
Tere intezaar mein hum khade hai unhe raahon mein, jahan hum judaa ho gaye.....


PS: the situation is lady love departing from his lover, owing to her some unknown obligation in her life, the concept in last stanza is based on thought somewhere i read in a book or saw in a movie that "when a person dies, they become a star" So i extended it to lovers i.e binary stars(close stars revolving around each other, bound together by gravity or love in this case :-) Ya somewhere had to bring the amateur astronomy touch & feel to this post as well :-))

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Friday, July 9, 2010


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                 I have always loved ice cream, though not tasted all the flavors, probably because I always end up with having butterscotch as this is my favorite. I never visited ice cream parlor exclusively  to eat one, but it happened on one pleasant evening, I was once hanging out with a couple of friends in an ice cream parlor….One of those modern, colourful ones, with background music & stuff you know so that they can overprice the menu owing to all the nice ambience...just like CCD's which I think are too show-off as what’s there in a Rs80 or Rs100 coffee? Do they put gold & silver powder in it? I think you can visit sometimes when you are pretty sure if something could happen over a coffee, may be when your astrologer has told that you would meet your special someone soon or something like that, as their punch line says ‘a lot can happen over a coffee’....I would be rather happy if ‘kuch kuch ho gaya’ rather than ‘bahut kuch ho sakta hai’ . Yeah, Hindi movies really liberate us!!

        So, coming to my story, there I was in the ice cream parlor. We sat next to a table occupied by bunch of girls of almost same age group as ours I suppose. I sat besides a girl whom I could make out was very pretty by just observing her head from backside..Oh yes we had gained this expertise or intuition by improving on our observational skills on girls over a long period of time. Though not intentional, I could overhear her sweet voice, she was telling to her friend that she was not ready for it yet, there are signs everywhere & she is looking for them to find the one meant for her. I could instantly figure out that she was talking about soul mate. Well, I have myself believed in soul mate funda, you start to believe in such things when you remain single for many years hoping that the right one will come along soon. I have felt “she is the one” kind of feeling for at least four girls I ran across in my life. And because of this number, the faith in this idea was dwindling away. All of a sudden, I gathered courage & turned around & asked her,” Can you tell me what time it is”? She looked at me & as I looked into her green eyes & realized she was the most beautiful person I have ever seen. She was just perfect with that smile, simple yet so charming face with open hair, that moment took my breadth away. Most of the girls would give a plain or angry look when strangers asked this question. But probably owing to my polite voice, fortunately I received a sweet smiling look. “There is a clock on wall right in front of you & don’t you have a mobile?” she said smilingly looking at my wrist ensuring that I did not wear a watch. I instantly replied that “I felt time stopped after seeing you….you are so beautiful” & just was checking the same. Wow!! That was pretty nice! Probably the most romantic thing I ever came up.
          ”Well thanks, its 6 0 clocks & time’s still running, probably I am not that beautiful” she replied again with her cute smile. “Hey all that sign stuff, is it a religious thing or you started believing after feeling it somewhere, sometime !! ? “Do you often hear to other people's conversations”? She asked pleasantly. “Why do you want to know? “I just thought this was too deep in a place like this. I have had this feeling of soul mate couple of times before & now I don’t believe in it too much. “Oh! that’s bad, Well it was not a true feeling then” she said. By this time our friends had noticed us & let us free to talk, without interrupting. She further explained that she believed our destiny was already decided & we have to just read the signs for it.” I happen to think there is an explanation beyond every reason, beyond logic that brought you here besides me...the exact day & time when I dropped at this place having wonderful time with you”!! From the blank look on my face she asked “you don’t believe in all this, do you?” I said “There is no master plan as it would be too complex as it will involve so many people”. She asked “Was it not fate that you were sitting in this chair besides me?” I said “No, this was no fate, this was just the fun to have ice cream that brought us both here” & I asked why would fate take all this trouble? “So that I can eat ice cream next time with you” came the reply. Sure, shall we sneak out for some fresh air? I realized the feeling when I said the word ‘We’, that there a special connection between us. I knew she was the one, though I felt she was way out of league for me, but I held onto thought that “both being perfect is not important in a relationship, being perfect for each other is the one that really matters!! She seemed like an angel just placed on earth for me & it was wonderful to believe that I was her angel. She agreed, as she was beginning to enjoy us being together, I suppose. This was so filmy you know like a guy meets a girl in a bar & they wake up in bed the next morning, except we ended up in true love. As we walked, we talked a lot about these soul mate stuff, likes dislikes of each other & found so much similarity in our life styles, until the end of the road, where we could see the setting sun. With great courage I held her hand & this was the most wonderful thing ever occurred to me for I knew exactly what I needed in life, I needed her!! I felt, that she was the one for me though I knew nothing about her just like seeing a signboard in her hands saying soul mate, it’s these little abstract beliefs that matter the most when you are in love with someone & keep you bounded. You just tend to go with the flow. The time spent was like a short moment, hoping the sun to take a little longer to set. It’s not the ice creams that brought us together, but the melting of hearts…in the warmth of one another. She said “So, aren’t you going to ask me out again?” I would love to…just was wondering about your reply, She said “I would love to meet you again”. That gave me relief, so can we meet at this place again? Sure, here I shall write my number, she started writing in my palm. I could feel the tickling & suddenly I heard the voice of my friend “saale uth jaa be …saala din mein bhi itna soota hai !!. I immediately saw my palm & there was nothing on it!! Yes, I was awake from my dream & now I was so upset that this all was a dream. I wondered if I had slept a couple of seconds more I could have got her number & her name!! At least possibly could call her in next time I dreamt about her in the dream world. So, there she was just a dream girl in a dream world. The only regret is, I did not kiss her goodbye before I was awake. Now often I insist on visiting ice cream parlors hoping I may run across that girl in my dreams!! Probably I may meet her again in a day dream itself I suppose!! It’s so wonderful, isn’t it? Bits & pieces of aspirations orchestrated so nicely to form a beautiful dream that I WISH could have been a reality.

Someday sometime you will be mine baby !!
Some where sometime I will meet you baby !!

Kitne door door ho un dono ke rasate...
mil jaate hai jo bane ek duje ke vaaste...ek duje ke vaaste....
haqeeqat mein na mile to na sahi, sapane mein he sahi....
someone somewhere is made for u....
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The rainbow in the spectrum of life….( various shades of life with my beloved)

                                              You are beautiful, so beautiful
                           with sweet smile and a soothing calm
                        with serene outlook and clarity of thoughts
                   I found a peace within, the peace of deep blue sky,
           and bright blue sea, and a million wonderful moments just fly by

          Just like evening sun leaves behind a million sparkles on ocean water.
                         the expressions on your face told a million things
          things of joy and happiness in life which we are going to embark upon.

           It took just a moment to realize that you are the love of my life
                         You are the special one I was waiting for
        even nature celebrating our love with a rainbow stretched across the sky
                        a sign of various colours in our splendid life

                       You are so sweet as an ice cream and a milkshake
                                    a handmade elegance of nature
                         my heart is a pendulum between you and time
                                     a moment thinking about you
                       and another desperately waiting to be with you.

                             The charm on your face, so irressistable
                         my heart skipped a beat and eyes never blinked
                              You are my desire, my life, my fire.
                    Just can’t wait to hold you, can’t wait to say I Love you

                            As we take the first steps of life together
                         Seeking pleasure in the daily chores of life
                         Promising the best I could do to keep you happy
                        As I write this, a tear flows down on my cheek,
                      I make a promise not to let even one from your eyes.

                      As I realize I may not be romantic or may not rhyme
                                      But my feelings are true
                          hope you could understand the depth of them
                     A depth we can call home, deep within our hearts !

                                             In the rhythm of life
                    you fill melody as friend, wife and as mother of my kids.
                                            the music just plays on

                                  As I come out of this dream world
                                 and embrace reality, there you were
                            Welcoming me just the way I wanted it to be

                                  Things just moved on just like a dream
                                   Needed more time to take it slower
                                 You were just like an angel in a dream,
                                 Now I know that you are my real angel !

                              As the frequency of heartbeats synchronized
                                resonated in the bliss of being with each other
                                      We realized we are inseparable

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Finding a way !

             I was really very impressed by this pic & thought it deserved a blog-post, How true isn't it ? If we intend to do something really, your mind just desperately overworks to devise a method, a plan, a way to accomplish it somehow. If it's a bit on unlawful side, later there is philosophy which comes to rescue, and we can take comfort in its belief, proving the righteousness of our action. One confession: I was really impressed by an article "Seven mysteries of physics" in New Scientist magazine, in old racks of my School/College library, which nobody read anyway. I liked it so much that i just wanted it & devised a clever way to steal it without getting caught, coz i knew how the system works, not the system of check being done at exit, but the librarian not allowing me to have the book, in-spite of truly expressing my interest. This was a tough job, though not as tough as Oceans's folks stealing a Casino. I would have regretted if I had not done that.  Anyway, thanks to internet which allows access to knowledge across the world.

             We have got to do the best with what god gave us, the resources which we have, tell me if there is any other way to be happy ?  Finding an excuse is very easy. There can be hundred arguments to not to the do the work & lazily lie on the couch , dusting oneself up & get moving is the key. Just being careful not to allow procrastination to creep in, otherwise things will have assurance to be accomplished but may never be as life is short. Rethink on your assumptions about everything, strengths weakness etc etc & reevaluate the strategy time to time. Don't apply obsolete methods which may fail in this kalyug. Whatever you do have a plan B , plan C also if possible, & allow enough happiness in you plan B to keep the people around you happy.
I think I must stop, thats a overdose of philosophy, that too on a Sunday !


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