Friday, January 27, 2017

What have Indian advertisements taught me ?

Indian, Bollywood celebrities are having all kind of health problems like body odor, dandruff, hair fall, bad tooth etc

Your confidence & morale can be increased by a variety of things like cold drinks, chocolates, fairness creams etc.

You can clear interviews or impress people by using the right products, accessories, fairness creams would do the trick or washing your clothes with detergents.

Dentists are the most confused people on earth as they recommend each & every toothpaste as No.1

Experts come in white lab clothes.

Super rich category of people are really attracted in buy one get one offers, Rs 2 off, or that pen which comes free along with the soap.

Deodorants & perfumes are made with the sole purpose to attract men & women to the one who applies them. Somehow they have the secret ingredient which makes such a fatal attraction possible.

Every friend is essential to you.

Your life becomes miraculously adventurous & wonderful by taking bath with the soaps.

Children wont grow unless they consume those energy drinks along with milk, be careful not to overdo the same otherwise your kids may become too tall.

Fairness creams works in very scientific way, makes your skin looking fairer in just few weeks.
Make sure that you apply fairness creams to your entire body, you don't want people to know the difference, Do you ?

Idea is the company with highest number of patents. There are million of ideas in the pipeline to be patented.

You have to risk your life for that small bottle of cold drink. Apparently you are so motivated to do life risking things after you consuming such a drink.

Detergents clean your clothes to such an extent that they look better than new.

Your tooth can become self luminous. Its so white that it starts emitting light.

Shampoos have a lot of fruit contents, so perfectly safe for consumption.

Your dish wash bar comes with a concentrated essence of 100 lemons. Now you know the reason behind lemons being so costly.

When you buy that SUV, you can stop going office on city roads & go only on trips.

Ever wondered how IRCTC Tatkal tickets get exhausted within a minute?
Well obviously - Airtel 4G!

Santoor advertisement has changed the actors many times in the past decades to convey a strong message that it's an anti aging formula.

Kaajol is letting you on an anti aging secret which she has not even told to her partner SRK also. You know Olay !

Image credits : The images are taken from google search . 


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