Wednesday, October 24, 2012

P.S. I love you, now and forever

I am in your thought
I am in your breadth
I am in your every beat the heart takes

I am in your life
I am in your moments
I am in every page the destiny unfolds

I am in your smile
I am in your tear
I am with you here and always

Just like a shadow following you...
like a mystery surrounding you
let the magic of life sparkle as always
let the beauty of a forgotten moment
take your breath away as before

I may not be seen, heard or touched
but I will be there for you
you can feel me around,
when you need me the most and otherwise
till the end of this lifetime and the next

let my presence not go in vain,
coz I am there to guide you in every step you take
you need to move on in life
coz that's the way life is meant to be
to be grand in this moment and the next

I feel, could have told you
but waited for the time to be right
but destiny always plays its magic trick

// The kind and humble nature of the lover is reflected here,
who calls magic trick, though destiny took his or her life away

We may be none
we may be someone
we may be a star shining up above the sky
we may be just a piece of glitter,
with a purpose to shine for now and forever.

let me be your comfort in pain
let me be the pill which kills the pain
let me be someone so close to your heart
for the body may not be one but our souls were never apart

I promised flowers
purple, pink and lavender
Oh I love you so much my dear
let me be bouquet of love at your doorstep
just for today
for tomorrow I'll return with more colors of love my dear  

I can make out the tear on your cheek in the rain
Is there anything I can make to reduce the pain ?
coz all I have to say is making you feel more attached
life is all about moving on and getting detached.

I hope you enjoy the future
as much as I loved being with you.
remember the moment when we saw
all night long, the stars shine and shine
more intoxicating than the best wine

I am sorry for leaving you this way
I know you don't need my apology
but do take it anyway

Let your life be filled with more colors than ever
let your life be filled with more love than before
coz in the end perhaps what matter is only the moments
which made our lives so special together.

nothing is everlasting pain, fame or our name
but let me be clear
life is not something which starts & ends at main() {}
Its something which ends at P.S. I love you

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Honest answers

      Schools, kids & even parents never take moral science class seriously, they just feel it’s time pass period. One of the newly appointed young moral science teacher was enthusiastic to bring about some change & asked this question to the kids :  

If I had the power to change something, I would change….’.

One of the kid in rush to answer first said I would not change anything as the word is perfect for me!  
             The teacher asked him Really? Do you think so? the kid admitted that he had not thought about the topic in depth. There was a point he wanted to put forth. He said I would change the salary of my house maid. She works really hard whole day, yet gets just small amount as salary. My dad & mom work in office & they get nice salaries. There must be equal salaries for all people.
Another kids said, If I had the power to change something, I would change almost everything, starting form the way people think.
Give a chance to change, one said he would like to stop the corruption in the country with a spell like Harry Potter. Another said he wanted to preserve the forests, stop cutting trees. Then lot of honest & straight form the heart ideas started pouring in.
Go green, all must go green, I want to change the whole world to use electric cars, thereby reducing pollution. The kid from the last bench wanted to invent a battery that would store a lot of energy & this would bring a revolution in the ever increasing power demands of the planet. 
There was a kid whose father was a bus conductor, he said, i dont know my dad always says that all the people from must bring the change. 
The teacher laughingly said yes that’s  a great quote : Although your dad meant was to give the change for the ticket amount, but we can take a lot back home from this wonderful quote.  

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

High on a bench !

                     Everyone of us may have enjoyed the on-bench period some time or the other in our professional lives. Unlike the class room on-bench which usually reminds us of the punishment – ‘stand up on the bench’, the corporate on-bench experience will be totally cool, where you will be paid for doing nothing. You don’t learn technical things as you assume this period is your reward after studying technical things for almost 15 plus years in your life & it makes sense that you relax & unwind a bit coz later in life company expects a whole lot of things from you & you will become busy with all sort of things in professional & also personal life.

     Usually IT giants are supposed to maintain certain percentage of resources i.e people (resources & people are synonyms when it comes to software industry, monitor, mouse, keyboard, C resource, C++ resource, java resource are all one & the same) in free pool or popularly known as the on-bench. After graduating from college & going through perhaps a regressive training process & exams finally the wait is over to start enjoying life on a new level with your income. When I was placed on–bench in my first job after training for couple of months, I recall sometimes the moments & seriously miss the same. We were a huge batch of fresher’s from various colleges from all corners of India, about to be allocated to upcoming projects. Well people from all states come together in training, the sessions & exams binds us well, cursing or perhaps appreciating the trainers sometimes as well. So we feel like birds with same feathers, flocking well. Sometimes the library, canteen benches became full & we had to roam around the campus wondering some manager may call us, just like the king calls his army in the time of war. Apparently all the project managers were busy in their work & no one bothered to ask us for more than a month. When you get paid for doing nothing, you feel the bliss of life. Its really amazing how various kinds of personalities come together to spend the free time together. There was a guy who had abundant knowledge in all things: we called encyclopedia. He used to tell a lot of stories, then another told about his big family business of chain of shops they owned back in their hometown. He treated me like Forrest Gump & apparently I acquired all the knowledge to start my own shop like his & really felt like doing this at later stage in life. There was this guy who was studying already for entrance exams for higher studies. He offered tips for higher studies & concluded that all software jobs are the same, Apparently he would join a bit more sophisticated software job after his higher education. There was a girl who used to ask the silliest questions in training & well as later on–bench in the most sophisticated English. Couple of people even fell in love finding their soul mates since they had so much time for each other talking about even the smallest things, smallest likes & dislikes etc, probably never again in life would they have so much time for each other. Then there was this girl who once started talking never stopped talking without giving even a chance for others to speak...people would just get up & go away...she didn’t mind just following them to finish her never ending stories.
    There are so many things that people can do when on-bench like play Antakshari repeatedly, celebrate friend’s birthday at nearby hotels frequently, try out all the eateries in & around campus, sleep in dormitory. This is actually a whole lot of fun which you definitely deserve actually after studying many years. Unlike the normal movie story ends : Then the project allocation happens & all work happily ever after, we departed with the promise that we shall assemble at the same canteen bench regularly, but we knew that time would never come as we have moved quite far in our own directions, in life.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The ant story

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       An ant had lost his way. Apparently he was too cool to follow the line ahead of him, singing under the hot sun, in winter. He wandered & wandered, but all the places around seemed the same. He began to worry about never reaching home also realized that his family & friends would be equally worried too as the dark night came to threaten. He found a weird looking bug with giant legs, politely asked for directions to  its home describing the brown long anthill, but the bug knew nothing. The bug told him to hop on him & he would run around faster so that they can find the anthill soon. It was getting darker & they were loosing sight. They met a firefly & requested to light their path in their search. The firefly flew illuminating the path & bug ran with ant on its back as fast as it could. Finally they found the anthill & the ant told a million thanks for helping it reach safely. At home, it's friends & relatives felt a sigh of relief that it has returned safely. The ant's mother thanked the strangers in the night for bringing her son back to home. 

       The Physiatrist told this story to a new batch of people at a rehab center for drugs & told this was the story of the ant, just think of yourself as ant for a while & slammed the door behind him.

P.S : No matter how lost you are in your life, there are always some angels to guide your way to normalcy. Well there can be some signs or may be stranger who may come to our rescue, to rescue us from the depths of hell to state where we can be at peace with ourselves. May be god sends them to help you find your way back home.
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Usernames & Passwords

Shakespeare said:  What's in a name ?

Well, there can be anything or nothing in a name, but  I suppose there is a lot that can be revealed from a username & passwords of  people. When there can be handwriting analysis etc, I wonder why we don't have username/password analysis. There is certainly a lot of insight that can be obtained from the same. usually one keeps the name of something unforgettable as password. On the lighter side, here is a collection of some of the same of characters from popular sitcoms to go first....

Username  : Sheldon_rocks
Password  : Sheldon_just_rocks*007^

Username  : Leonard
Password  : IwaanbeBadGuy

Username  : Rajesh_USA
Password  : Ilovemysweater&jetski

Username  : Penny_theactress
Password  : Ijustloveshoes

U : HowardWolowitz
P : SpaceScientist

U : Monicageller
P : iwannacleanthewholeworld

U : Rachel
P : fashionpassion

U : Ross_the_digger
P : Itsalwaysbeenrachel

U : Chandler_jokesinc
P : JaniceOhMyGod!

U : Janice
P : ItsalwaysbeenChandlerhhhaaaa!!!

U : Chandler_jokesinc
P : bingbingbing

U : Chandler_jokesinc
P : bingbingbing

U : Joey
P : Howyoudoin?

U : Phoebe
P : haanweirdohaan?

U : SonuNigam
P : ohohooooooahaaaaha   (song :  Ab mujhe raat din...)

U : MonmohanSingh
P : sshhhhhh.....

U: Rajnikanth
P: It is said that Super computers crashed after Rajnikanth keyed in the password.

U: Rajnikanth
P: The repeating digits of Pi.

U: Rajnikanth
P: No site dares to ask Rajnikanth the password, it just knows to login.

U : Charlie_Harper
P : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&x

U: Alan_harper
P: Iamnotatotalloser_really

U: Jake_thecool_kid
P: Whatev

U: Priyanka_chopra
P: ihatethechipchip

U: ShahRukh_Khan
P: kkkkkkiran

U: SpellofNeha (my wife is a harry potter fan)
P: < doesn't need password, the spell is supposed to sign in into the account, but essentially one needs to be flying on broomstick first >

more to come along here.....

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A common freedom fighter

             Simple white khadi became his attire as his thoughts began to change with the ongoing freedom struggle. He started to think independently & stood for what is right. He was inspired by Gandhi, Nehru, Bhagat singh. He couldn't make up his mind whether ahimsa was the right path, but attended all the rallies, processions, felt great walking briskly behind the half-naked fakir.

P.S : This is the story of a non-popular freedom fighter or rather a common man in pre-independence times. Let’s take a moment to salute the brave souls who sacrificed their lives so that the future generations could live a life not dominated by others

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

One fine day

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             Sanjay always wondered what the beach offers that makes people so happy? Do they just forget all their problems relaxing in the serenity of the beach or is it just they catch a break form their routine lives they love & cherish. As far as he could recall, he had always sold peanuts on the beach. He thought he is just a kid & would figure out one fine day.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Moral science stories for kids 8 : The one with the homework

             Well, teachers have been giving the same homework from ages, parents running behind their kids forcing them to complete it in time, in fact its home work for parents as well. I recall the movie 'Pay it forward' ( in which a teacher gives an unusual assignment to his class where the kids are asked to do good things or deeds to make the world a better place to live. There is a this kid Trevor, who actually goes an extra mile to make this happen. Trevor thinks of a mechanism where a good deed done in our everyday lives propagates, something like the butterfly effect. He calls it 'Pay it forward' technique where a favor is not returned but passed on to other people one may come across in day to day life. This brings about a revolution & influences the lives of many people. This has far reaching consequences at society level.  Basically an act of kindness, sympathy is not forgotten or ended with saying thanks; I appreciate your help, but consciously made to propagate to touch the lives & hearts of other people one may come across. 
           Well it’s impossible to give different home works to different kids, but teachers can make a group of students of similar interests like painting, gardening, music etc...& assign them some homework so that they grow morally & ethically as well, apart from technically. Technically anyway exams make the kids to read the lessons & understand. This way kids learn to choose things in their lives at much smaller age, this goes a long way in making kids choosing wisely later in life all the things like career, lifestyle, courses they need to take. Suddenly if a kid is asked to choose between Engineering & medical, they find it very hard to choose their career directions as they basically don’t know what they are good/bad at. It may be additional work on the teacher to give separate home work to class of kids, but it goes a long way to make the kids do it with interest & not with force or compulsion in any manner since they would have chosen their field of interest beforehand. 
                 If not homework, then this can be form of assignments say weekly or monthly. Be careful that kids don’t take the ideas totally from net; even if they take it they must do some work from their end as individual or group to bring in some appreciations by their own classmates when they present in in front of the class.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On our Anniversary

Moving from bachelor to married lifestyle bring in a lot of changes, well, here is a collection of my personal experiences

Side effects of marriage :
Instant Maggie gets delayed by longer duration depending on the mood of your spouse!

The girl who just spoke a sentence when you first met her, later after marriage speaks so much & never gives you a chance to speak even a sentence.

You realize that fruits are also edible, apart from being used as cosmetic products.

Everything in your house looks pink, & really tiny. The dust bin is too small & too cute to be used to contain waste products.

There is a wardrobe full of clothes, yet there is nothing to wear. So shopping weekend again.

Weekends are dedicated for shopping. Shopping must be declared a religion for girls since they follow it so religiously.

The smaller the thing, the more exact color it must be. Shopping becomes your religion too, something more important & regular than brushing your teeth or taking a bath.

The whole market having everything lacks the small accessory of exact color. This is confirmed by a lot of repeated searching.

You realize that you may have color blindness, there are so many colors you never cared to recognize in your life until now.

Women always try to compete to talk more than they can think of. So you tend to talk a lot, more than you can digest.

There are more emotions on the face of your wife, than the emoticons used in the chat messenger & you are supposed to know all of them, worse is to remember & recall them.

Sometimes when you are alone, with no sound around, you tend to miss your spouse.

The most difficult question to answer is what were you thinking? Women have a problem for any given answer for this, no answer is good for this. Say if you reply 'I was thinking nothing', I was watching TV & thinking nothing, How come you were not thinking, you were thinking about that girl in the advertisement right ?  I know you were thinking something fishy. All you boys are the same, I know you hide things from me, I am the only one who pours all my feelings out. Arre, girls, Please try speaking less than you can think of.  

But the bottom line is you get the love & care like never before!
You get someone to share that big water Mellon, someone who waits for you to return for dinner, no matter how late it is, someone who tells you not to waste food & someone to eat the food left over in your plate. Sometimes even the same old Maggi tastes great, not only because you are hungry, but your spouse made it sprinkling extra love & care. You never wear a shirt with button missing, there is someone who will make sure about this, & most importantly when you are sick or you are in one of the downs of your life, there is someone to take care of you. isn't this worth living for , worth dying for ?  It’s such small things which bring joy in the relationship. The special care & importance making you feel that you mean whole world to someone is just too great.
You are just someone to the world but you are the world to someone!

You realize happiness is only real when shared. & you are glad that you finally found the one person to share the happiness of your life!

To the world you may just be someone, but to someone you may be the whole world."

Here is one I made up:   My love is not quantized as light, but intangibly infinite as the universe itself.
Celebrating an year of our friendship with the theme song of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.  Happy anniversary Sweety !

I'll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour.
I'll be there for you, like I've been there before.
I'll be there for you, cause you're there for me too.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Introduction to blogging, an unofficial guide to blogging

       There is a hot debate running nowadays on news channels about the topic of restriction of online content or regulation of some kind, thereby restricting the freedom of expression of individuals, a group or certain community of some kind. Well, blogs are meant exactly to do this, they provide everyone with a free platform, allowing the general public the freedom of expression. It can be any review of movie, book, or restaurant or science & technology, literature, art or just an opinion about anything and everything.
        The blogs on blogosphere can be classified based on the contents of the blog mainly. There are personal blogs, music, entertainment, science, fashion, sports, medicine, wildlife, hobbies, cooking, art etc. Many celebrities tweet instead of the whole story as they have less time apparently. Well, you too can be a reader & a writer, soon you will realize blogosphere has more to offer then you can imagine, you can grow technically, professionally etc learning so many things. Well if you have always felt to write something to a bigger set of audience apart form only friends & family, then blogging is the right one for you, Just don’t think too much pick up the pen & start writing i.e key in the stuff on a new blog for yourself. Blogger & wordpress are most popular platforms. Do start with this, & then once you become popular or intend to take blogging to next level, then you can get your own domain name or website. Once you have started writing, do share it with friends, family over social networking sites etc. Well some advertising or selling of your created product is needed in the initial days as people don’t know that you are writing or they are too busy & needs to be reminded to catch up with your new post. Once if they are interested they key coming back to your blog, make sure you have something to offer i.e blog regularly. Don’t blog for the sake of blogging, the content is the king, the appearance, and beautification of your blog is secondary to the content which mainly attracts audience. People will visit & revisit your blog if you provide them with good content. If this content is biased or is derogatory then you may loose your audience or may even receive bad comments. So after you write a blog post & tell you friends to catch up also remind them to make a comment on the post, whether he or she liked it or disliked it or may have thought about another angle to the whole story thereby adding more value to your original post. This encourages the blogger to write more & better. Also a good blogger needs to spend considerable time to read other or fellow blogger posts & write healthy comments. Reading is also essential from the point to measure yourself, how good is your writing compared to others. It just feels good when someone reads your posts & leaves a feedback that he liked the post, & adds on more to it saying his own experience or sharing an incident. You feel the other person has taken home something back after reading your post. On the lighter side this is termed as CDS –comments deficiency syndrome, every blogger gets this disease, where he counts on the number of comments he receives to measure how good is his writing. There are blogging communities where there are competitions held regularly which is a lot more fun as one can be a part of it sitting in the comfort of their home. Some of the good communities are,
          Do actively participate in the blogging communities, there is a lot you can learn & take back home by being active in the competitions or events held. Once you become popular in blogosphere, you can consider your blog generating some money by putting up some advertisements, but just be careful to draw a line so that your blog will not turn into the state the times of India newspaper has become these days.  Do respect the sentiments of people, & realize the fact that people are entitled to their own opinion, whatever it may be. Avoid plagiarism & be sure to mention the source of the pic or content in case if you have put up something that does not belong to credit the source in case you want to put up something which is taken form internet. When you write some articles, you tend to be get driven to decorate your blog, you see the blogs of friends or colleagues & you aspire that your blog must also look good, so that it attracts more readers. In this marketing era, packaging is also important, but just be cautious not to overdo your blog, too many widgets, too many photos, etc, will distract the readers, also it will take a lot of time for the webpage to download.
        Thus the whole idea of blogging is to express your opinion, your take on a particular subject, tell a new story or tell a story newly. Well if you don’t want people to see your personal writing stuff, then a personal diary is the best one. One may choose to write anonymously as well. In the real world you are the person who you actually are, but you can be anyone in online world. You can build up your own image & identity & a blogger will always aspire a niche audience. & last but not the least, thanks to social networking sites which are also popularizing the blogs & giving a bigger set of audience for you blogs.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blank Pages

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          Everyone has a secret box, where the precious artifacts related to memories go in. After many years, Ananth opened his box, there was an autograph book from school days. All his friends had written except one page was blank with only the name. She told him to forget about her when returning the autograph book with the blank page. Ananth could see the impression of tear drop still & realized the page was not blank.

Some memories cannot be forgotten, So was his first love.

Further reading : Goodbye
P. S : Sometimes the smallest things in life tell a whole story.

This post is a 55 fiction  - 55 Fiction is a form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Two friends

           Two old friends met coincidentally, walked in the nearby cafe to recall their childhood memories. They had to catch up a lot about their lives till their old age now. During conversation, one said he was in debt & other told he was cold. One slipped in some money unknowingly in other's jacket, & the other one intentionally left his scarf  by his bag's side so that his friend should not feel cold. They departed.

There is true care in friendship, however old it may be.

This post is a 55 fiction  - 55 Fiction is a form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Eternal bliss

As I feel the eternal bliss
rejoicing in this unknown mystery
wondering about all the things around
trying to make sense  of the dimensions of life

Making the most of the moments
with my sanity lying me about everything
As the waves of time
Washing away the memories
on the shores of life.

Yet lies beyond me a sense of fear
a sense of defying the obvious
Questioning and challenging what’s apparent

I am just a traveler with my own baggage
things that I picked up on my way
only to drop them before going away

Regretting some of the things done
letting go some things close to heart
only to realize that some memories cannot be erased

Who knows whom I gonna be
a shining star up above the sky
or just a lost soul
wandering in the emptiness of space and time

Life is full of  twists and turns
trying to be normal
giving up all the things I cared
for some others which did not really matter in the end

Trying to quantify the feelings of love
to compare and contrast with the ones you really cared.
You know the time will never stop
things will never stop changing

I only wish I could feel the eternal bliss
in this never ending voyage of self discovery
I wish I could figure out the meaning of all this
just for once to forget it a moment later

Looping around the causes and effects of nature
trying to accumulate the memories fleeting by
To catch a break from this life and know the things for sure.
that i am not insane
and not stop questioning my sanity

trying to guess the depth of my consciousness
to attempt to figure it all at once
just know the depth heaven and hell

trying to return to the home in vain
for the home is no longer the same
accepting the fact home is where the mind is happy

Monday, March 26, 2012

The One rupee astrologer

Anant was travelling to his home town, after the days of hectic work in front of the PC, he was so tired that he instantly fell asleep when the bus started to move.

              His eyes only opened at the break in the middle of night. This was some bus stand of some small town. There was a weight machine with red green yellow lights blinking that Anant 's eyes couldn’t resist the urge to get a proper look. Anant put the coin and probably it was not working correctly so showed less weight. But this made Anant happy anyway as his weight loss plans never worked out really. Along with the weight slip backside contained the future of the day. Anant was too tired to look at but thought will read it anyway. It said you will be cheerful and make people happy around you; watch out for your health. You will get some insight into living which will make your life change forever.

As Anant was feeling dizzy he thought the weight machine predicted the weight and; told exactly about the future where as it should have done the reverse. Oh what the hell and; he went back to sleep in the shaky bus. As he tried to sleep he thought what if he could explicitly strive to make things true the card told him as future. Just try for a single day just for the heck of it. So he decided that he will make all conscious efforts to make the things true as written in the card. He was thinking only positive and; inspired his parent’s family and; friends to be cheerful. He always spoke with so much enthusiasm and; energy that it made the people around him happy.

At the end of the day Anant thought I tried my part to make the things come true as per the card. Coincidently the card has exactly told his next day and; predicted wrongly his weight. Anyway a silent powerful thought fan across Anant’s mind what if i could write a small note a card and; keep it under my pillow every night and; tried to make things his own way . His life would certainly improve health wealth and; happ9oness would come to him like iron pieces attracted towards a magnet. So he decided to go with this. If not 100 percent even if he partially achieves what he aspired for, being focused in this direction, his life and; people around him would be much happier.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The journey & the destination

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                He was just 12 yrs old, when he held & used the heavy gun for  the first time. The kid had lost his sanity along with his parents. His guardian, an underworld don, inspired him to become man whom everyone in the city must fear. He worked towards that, following the foot steps. One day he reached his destination, but he suddenly realized that this didn't matter to him at all, because the journey was too painful & meaningless. 

Sometimes the journey means more than the destination.

This post is a 55 fiction  - 55 Fiction is a form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.

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