Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Community work for a better tomorrow

1] Further to the video presentation of Myshkin Ingawale here or copy-paste the link below :

             The innovative ideas of today are the foundation for a better society of tomorrow. I think the healthcare sector in India is still much neglected one & needs much focus, attention & dedicated hard work to develop & more importantly to sustain the development. The aim should be to make the basic health care affordable & available to the masses. At least the routine checks must be done to warn about likelihood of major diseases. Many instruments are imported from abroad making healthcare expensive as there is a cost involved in employing skilled staff to operate the same & maintenance of the machine itself. The various medical institutes should encourage & create awareness of the challenges involved in the medical instrumentation domain. They must go visit the good engineering colleges & inspire students to take up projects which can make the low cost version of the imported machines locally. Design & implementation challenges will motivate the students to come up with innovative ideas. If the idea is really good & valuable then the project can be funded in the long term to design an affordable health check device. As part of corporate social responsibility initiatives by IT companies, employees can be encouraged to contribute for such a project. At least few of them will be interested to contribute to the software & hardware designs in their spare time. Similar to a device which can detect one disease or symptoms shown in video for anaemia, there is a need to make a single device which can detect a variety of diseases. Electronics students, Software companies & medical institutes can collaborate to make such a device. Thus this community initiative aimed at specific thing will lead to development & maintenance of such a device. Govt can make it a policy to supply to the govt hospitals in remote areas where diagnosis & testing facilities are poor. If the device becomes a hit, then it can be mass produced to be used by public as well. The device must be robost & user friendly & able to diagnose the conditions of disease for which the symptoms are not prominent.  Even nurses must be able to operate the same. Call it "Doctor IC" basically an All in One device. It must be able to monitor, diagnose, test the samples taken etc. say for eg for BP monitoring, heart beats, run basic blood tests etc

2] Further to the video presentation of Christian Sarkar here or copy-paste the link below :

                      About the low budget house, probably one can approach the CREDAI, which is the regulatory body for real estate companies. Some builders may be interested in coming up with innovative solutions for low budget houses. Taking Karnataka as example, in metros like Bangalore its a big challenge to provide low cost housing for masses, but the construction companies can try out such a project in Tier-2 cities like Hubli, Mangalore, Davangere etc, where there may be people in lower middle class and slums who may be able to pay & afford for such a low budget house. In highly populated areas, constructing a small one floor house is a challenge, so why not construct couple of floors more. The bottom most floor should be strong enough to support the top floors in terms of area materials used etc. The upper floors can be less stronger than the floor below it, but strong enough to provide sufficient protection to human life & property inside. The key here is to go vertical otherwise one needs to locate such projects outside the city. Placing a project outside city will bring commute challenges for people daily in cities like bangalore where ease of commute is still a dream, with the ongoing slow metro work.

This post is written for Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The unknown ring

Tring-Tring, the phone rang.

I answered in desperation. 'Who is it?' asked the voice.
I began to wonder Who am I? I didn't know or remember my name or myself.
Have I lost my memory? Have I become insane? were questions popping in my mind. Just when I was stuck in this weird feeling, I woke up!

P.S: I'll never know who was the person who called in my dream !

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