Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Changing times, changing interests!

myself @ IISC bookstore
         Life is strange isn't it?  How things change rapidly with time, how our interests, hobbies, passions change in course of time, no fixed time period though. Apart from Astronomy, which is inbuilt in my gene, when I was in hostel during engineering days it was Hollywood flicks & chicks. Thilak my friend inspired me to watch English movies. This was a wonderful world of story telling. I saw so many movies, that if anyone asks my favorite movies I can tell over hundred of them easily. Easy availability facilitated this, thanks to torrents & piracy; otherwise I would never have afforded so many movies. Say in 4/5 years now watching a movie has become a passé in my life. What really happens when you watch so many movies is expectations increase or other side effect is you get irritated by so many not-so-good movies coming all the time. Nowadays it blogging, writing & reading books. Just find very hard to find time, Attracted towards blogosphere which is also platform of story telling, various stories about so many things in the world & out of the world. I didn’t know such a world existed until some months before. Very young people have such an excellent command over English & write so elegantly that makes me wonder how come they have opinion about anything & everything. Some of them write so elegantly, so expressive that they bring out the exact opinion in reader’s mind they wanna convey, apart from creative writing blogging is all about beautifying your blog as well, people play with HTML like paint brush. Some blogs are so full of art & beauty. 

Thoughts_behind : IISC library has some of the best colletion of physics books, was very glad to see latest printed releases of Feynman Lectures on Physics. So many books to read, So less time left in life !


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