Friday, November 19, 2010

My talking watch

The story of my first & last watch

          As a high school kid probably after seeing Mr India I had this fascination of having some kind of cool and  unusual watch, I was gifted a watch by this girl, her family was friends with our family, she stayed at hostel & my dad was Principal of that college and our house happened to be near to their hostel. This watch looked more of ladies watch sort of & I did not liked it though I got hardly any gifts apart from a dress for a birthday every year. Then there was a trend of a typical watch called talking watch in our class and school. It was a relatively cheap Rs 150 something, which was available in local market. Everyone was talking about the talking watch, it could tell the time yes audio output when a button was pressed, nice florescent glow light etc, alarm etc feature. I wanted this badly & convinced parents to buy me this if I get 3rd rank which was the norm until all these years in school as Akshata & Bhavana took first & second ranks  and I was sort of unbeatable at third rank position.  
                So I flaunted it all around making it tell time to all friends. It had a good battery after a couple of months also it said the time loudly enough. One day it went insane and never stopped making noise in class just alike a never shutting up barking dog. and I had to put it in my bag & keep it outside. This was embarrassing , came as  direct blow to my constant efforts to impress on girls thought never any girl was impressed in actuality. After this event things changed in life a lot, lost a fascination for showing-off things to others. I never wear a watch to this day, just feel the need to be simple enough, some one said we should have some feature in our appearance by which others can start conversation with us, something to start talking about like a watch or a nice shirt that they can hit off the conversation & become friends. I don't know I never liked to wear watch again. this was my first & last watch  !


Beyond Horizon said...

Simplicity is enough!
is der really need of cool gadget or outfit 2 start a conversation?

Dheeraj said...

I too had same to same watch as shown in the pic above. One thing more it also have the rooster alarm:-)


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