Sunday, September 18, 2011

Innovative ways of going green

            1) Education :  Everything must begin at grass root level. We must include 'going green' as subject in primary schools, not like moral science, but something more serious. Kids must be taught the importance of environment & preservation. This subject must be made fun to learn basically, documentaries can be shown, models can be prepared explaining concepts like water cycle, underground water etc. So this brings about an education trend to bring more awareness in the coming young future generation.Kids can teach & warn parents when they do something against going green.

2) Recycle plastic bags : We must reduce the usage of plastic bags & use alternatives. Plastic bags take long time to decompose & is harmful for the environment. We use plastic bags from smallest item like vegetables, milk to large items like clothes. We must take jute or fibre bags or some other bags & avoid us of plastic bags. Nowadays at retail outlets people are charged with small amount for packing their articles after the bill. This is a good initiative which will discourage people from using plastic bags.

3) Garbage disposal : We must have a good garbage disposal system in place by the local municipality, not just dump the waste coming from big metro cities outskirts or rivers. Separate the items we dispose from our homes, hotels, industries. These must be Recycled or treated well to make other things for eg manure from organic waste etc. Reuse the items before just discarding it.

4) Plant more trees: Many trees are cut for road widening etc. Surprisingly even the big trees can be replanted. New saplings can be planted atleast in the outskirts of cities, low maintenance trees sideways on highways etc. Corporate or big companies must encourage their employees to participate in such activities.

5) Vegetable waste from houses can be used as manure for plants, potted plants.

6) There must be a massive campaign for cleaning up the rivers.

7) Diesel is inherently a bad fuel. It causes a lot of pollution. Its high time we should start research & development for rolling out new economical electric model vehicles. For heavy goods carrying there must be electric trucks with zero emission of harmful exhaust gases. Government should make policies which encourage people to buy electric cars. Just like gas stations there must be electric stations where cars can get recharged. Top research universities should focus on innovative ways of making electric energy easy to store & transport. This is the main problem with electric energy- storage & transport. There is a significant loss of electric energy when it transported from one place to another.

8) Use alternate sources of energy more, Solar power, wind power must be utilized more. If solar panels is fitted on top of a car parked in sunlight whole day, this can make enough energy in same batteries to charge your cell phone, play a song etc.

9) In metros, buildings take occupy more space. Buildings & campus must be designed in a way to allow rain water to be collected & used or effectively made to percolate to ground so as make it ground water.

10) There must be proper methods to dispose off the computer discarded wastes like batteries etc & wastes from ship breaking yards etc. e-waste or electronic wastes should be disposed seperately. use the dustbins provided at office to throw away electronic items like CD's, DVD's, batteries, printers, computer  accessories. etc. lat but not the least, love the nature. As showcased is the movie Avataar, we must live

                   Lots of things said, blame passed on municipality, govt etc. Finally each & everyone should come together to make things happen. Ideas will be many, but what matters is the action taken out of these ideas in order to make earth a better & greener planet to live happily with perfect coexistence.

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