Friday, July 9, 2010

The rainbow in the spectrum of life….( various shades of life with my beloved)

                                              You are beautiful, so beautiful
                           with sweet smile and a soothing calm
                        with serene outlook and clarity of thoughts
                   I found a peace within, the peace of deep blue sky,
           and bright blue sea, and a million wonderful moments just fly by

          Just like evening sun leaves behind a million sparkles on ocean water.
                         the expressions on your face told a million things
          things of joy and happiness in life which we are going to embark upon.

           It took just a moment to realize that you are the love of my life
                         You are the special one I was waiting for
        even nature celebrating our love with a rainbow stretched across the sky
                        a sign of various colours in our splendid life

                       You are so sweet as an ice cream and a milkshake
                                    a handmade elegance of nature
                         my heart is a pendulum between you and time
                                     a moment thinking about you
                       and another desperately waiting to be with you.

                             The charm on your face, so irressistable
                         my heart skipped a beat and eyes never blinked
                              You are my desire, my life, my fire.
                    Just can’t wait to hold you, can’t wait to say I Love you

                            As we take the first steps of life together
                         Seeking pleasure in the daily chores of life
                         Promising the best I could do to keep you happy
                        As I write this, a tear flows down on my cheek,
                      I make a promise not to let even one from your eyes.

                      As I realize I may not be romantic or may not rhyme
                                      But my feelings are true
                          hope you could understand the depth of them
                     A depth we can call home, deep within our hearts !

                                             In the rhythm of life
                    you fill melody as friend, wife and as mother of my kids.
                                            the music just plays on

                                  As I come out of this dream world
                                 and embrace reality, there you were
                            Welcoming me just the way I wanted it to be

                                  Things just moved on just like a dream
                                   Needed more time to take it slower
                                 You were just like an angel in a dream,
                                 Now I know that you are my real angel !

                              As the frequency of heartbeats synchronized
                                resonated in the bliss of being with each other
                                      We realized we are inseparable


spellofneha said...

wonderful to read with open eyes
lovely to b felt with closed eyes

joy in thinking twice
opens up deep down surprise

Suresh B L said...

While reading this post itseems as if something is touching my heart.. My heart going through some lovely feeling of this god gifted wonderful life :) nice one..!!


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